Our beloved co-editors-in-chief pose together at prom on April 17. (L-R: Jamie Kornheiser, Darren Rosing, MC Hall)

KNIGHTLY NEWS: Hi, how are y’all doing?

DARREN ROSING: If you are treating it with this attitude, I don’t want to participate. Start over.

KN: How does it feel to be leaving Pace?

MC HALL: I would say that I’m excited for a new chapter, but I am definitely nervous because I have been at Pace my whole life. I’ve had a lot of great memories here and it’s really shaped me into the woman I am today.

DR: I feel ready to leave Pace at this time. I made some great friends and grew as a person in the last four years, but I’m ready to apply the skills that I gained here to the real world.

JAMIE KORNHEISER: I’m excited to do something new and go somewhere new. I have had some great relationships with teachers and peers, but I think I am prepared to move onto the next chapter.

KN: What are y’all going to miss most about Pace?

DR: I’d probably say my friends and teachers and just the community you can fall back on. It’s going to be weird not being able to see those familiar faces that make Pace feel like home.

JK: Yeah, I think I am going to miss walking down the hall and saying “hi” to like, 10 to 12 people.

KN: What is your favorite memory from your years at Pace?

JK: My favorite memory has got to be our meeting with Ms. Wilson this summer, just the four of us planning the year. Just kidding.

DR: Oh, good, I was so scared that you were being serious. *Nervous laugh*

MCH: We had such high aspirations going into the year. But yeah, I would say that one of my favorite memories was the ICGL trip I went on to Lesotho with Habitat for Humanity. Even in circumstances that weren’t ideal, just being together was really great. And I learned so much about people that I wouldn’t normally know much about. 

DR: I agree. I think that my ICGL trip to South Africa was pretty memorable. I think I’ve spent my years here kind of like a social chameleon, making different friends and being part of different groups, so having another outlet for friends (the South Africa group) was really important to my four years. 

JK: Little things come to my mind, like sitting in Mrs. Terry’s office, talking about “Parks and Rec.” Or just hanging out with you guys at lunch, talking about literally nothing. 

KN: OK, I am scared of this question. Who is your favorite Co-Editor out of the other two?

MCH: I’d definitely say myself and then Jamie. No offense – I love Darren – but Jamie’s on top of it. Darren provides the creative spirit, though. 

DR: I feel like I kind of envision things and it’s up to Jamie and MC to carry it out. I’d say that MC is the face, Jamie is the brains and I’m the heart. 

KN: If you had to give each other a superlative, what would it be?

MCH: Darren’s would be most likely to be a superstar on Broadway as a drama queen.

DR: I don’t know. I wish I could reject this.

MCH: I think Jamie is Wonder Woman. Or kindest. Best to take home to mom and dad.

DR: Jamie is the pickiest eater. 

MCH: Darren is most likely to go to California and never come back. He’s going to drop everyone in the small town and never look back.

DR: I mean it is already happening.

KN: Yeah, definitely. What is your favorite article you have ever written?

DR: I wrote this article sophomore year about the danger of hyper-partisanship normalizing terror in America. For some reason, I felt so inspired and wrote like a million words about it. I got a Scholastic award for it but nothing from [Georgia Scholastic Press Association].

MCH: I liked conducting the interview with Tiger about his encounter with the police when he was living in Los Angeles. I feel like I have really just enjoyed doing interviews.

JK: But my favorite article that I wrote was probably the teachers who played sports in college because I got to interview so many teachers, many of whom I did not know before.

KN: Awesome. To end, do you guys have any parting words for Ms. Wilson?

MCH: Hold on while I cry. I would say, I think she’s been a really great influence on me, especially last year. I struggled a little bit at the beginning of the year being co-editor cause it was a role that was very new for me. She pushed me and made me lead and I think that’s forced me to become a really great leader. I’m also really grateful that she just cares so much. She’ll reach out over text about something random that doesn’t have to do with the newspaper. And I really love having conversations with her and I’m hoping that next year and throughout the rest of my life, I’ll be able to reach out to her whenever I want to talk to her about anything.

DR: Yeah. I mean, I feel like the image of Ms. Wilson is super kind and caring and smart and wise, but I think that she also has a comedic backbone that not many people realize. She is not afraid to speak what is on her mind.

JC: Ms. Wilson is the reason that the newspaper is successful, like all the accolades and all of the success that we’ve had is 100% her. 

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