Star of “The Office” spin-off, Timothee Chalamet, is directed by Administrative Assistant to Head of Upper School Nikki McCrary in the upcoming series titled “The School.” Photo: Nikki McCrary

Following the end of the hit series “The Office” in 2013, fans everywhere have been begging for the show’s return to television. Despite star actor Steve Carell recently telling E-News that the show would never return in the same way, NBC announced that they would be creating a spin-off for their new streaming service Peacock. 

The studio broke the news last week that the name of the show would be “The School.” Pace fundraising efforts have taken a hit in the past year with the pandemic, so in order to raise money, Head of School Fred Assaf decided to offer the campus to be the set of the show.

NBC was happy to have such a beautiful campus for the show and accepted the offer. “It will do two things for us,” said Mr. Assaf. “First, it will help us raise additional funds for the new Lower School. Second, it will help Pace gain publicity nationally.” 

The show will be directed by Administrative Assistant to Head of US Nikki McCrary, and the cast will be composed of professional actors and actual students and teachers from Pace. Students can apply to be an extra in the summer during filming. This opportunity will give students a chance to earn a little bit of money. “I have always wanted to be on a real TV show,” said senior Will Brennan. 

The teachers who will be taking the largest role in the show are English teacher Robert Kaufman, science teacher Tahseen Kazi and Spanish teacher Laura Agront-Hobbs. “I have watched the office probably 100 times,” said Dr. Kazi. “Acting has been my secret passion for many years, and being able to use my hidden talent is something I’ve always dreamed of doing.” Mr. Kaufman will play the role of strength coach for the school. “Lifting is something I have always loved since high school,” said Mr. Kaufman. “I think there are going to be some really fun scenes to shoot.” 

Director McCrary said that actor Timothee Chalamet will play the role of the new teacher whom every girl in the Upper School has a crush on. “He’s so dreamy,” said senior Caroline McCullough. “I just hope I get the chance to take my shot at him.”

Singer Noah Cyrus is going to run the front desk. “I think Timothee and Noah have great chemistry,” said Ms. McCrary. “I plan to develop their love story over many seasons, going through many ups and downs.” 

The show should do wonders for Pace Academy in the coming years as it will bring in millions of dollars for the school as well as build its publicity. The community now eagerly awaits the start of filming this summer. 


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