Owner Donice Bloodworth will accompany Reina to Pace games and other events. Photo: @reinaroyaltybloodworth on IG

In a stunning turn of events, Pace has named art teacher Donice Bloodworth’s French bulldog, Reina, the school mascot. She replaces the lovable Sir Winsalot, the long-time ambassador of Pace for athletics and other events. For decades, Pace has been the Knights; however, the administration decided that a change was needed. 

“I mean, the Knights are cool, I guess,” said Head of School Fred Assaf, “but they’re kinda lame now. The Medieval theme is played out.” He claims that making Reina the Pace mascot will “liven things up around here” and make it more appealing to potential students. The sudden decision has come as a shock to current Pace students and faculty alike. All Knight imagery is to be removed from campus, and a new line of merchandise featuring the new mascot is to come out in only two weeks. It can be found in the Pace Campus Store, which is reopening solely to sell Reina-themed clothing.

Reactions to the switch varied across the Pace community. “It was really just a huge surprise, you know?” History teacher Christine Carter said, fiddling with her new, obligatory Reina-themed lanyard for staff. “No teachers were consulted. He just announced it one day in assembly. This place is really headed downhill.” 

Others expressed excitement for the change. “I love Reina!” said junior Maddie Hale. “I saw this coming from a mile away. Sir Winsalot is old news–this is Reina’s era.” No matter the community’s thoughts on the new mascot, no one can deny the impact the famous knight had. Sir Winsalot himself is distraught about losing his cherished role.

“It’s really hard to process,” he said, packing his office into boxes. “I mean, I’ve given decades of my life to this school! Only to be replaced by a dog… Really unbelievable…” 



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