This year’s Easter and Passover Break has been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. Photo: Fred Assaf

Mark your calendars; we will be in school over Easter and Passover. This year, just over a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began, affecting our everyday lives, it is taking one more thing away from us: Easter and Passover break. This four-day weekend, which typically would have taken place just next week, has been canceled.

This newest move by the Pace administration to shield the community from COVID-19 comes as both a preventative measure and a reaction to the growth in case numbers that came after Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks. With just a few weeks until Pace’s Prom, Head of School Fred Assaf and Head of Upper School Michael Gannon decided that it would be best to take extra precaution to ensure that juniors and seniors are all able to attend this year’s event, especially in the wake of the cancelation of last year’s Prom. 

There’s also the issue of academic end-of-the-year necessities; students will be taking final exams in May and AP exams have returned to normal. According to Mr. Gannon, spending these extra two days inside the classroom may be key to receiving 4s and 5s on APs, as well as increasing students’ standings in their classes. 

“We need to make sure that everyone stays healthy and ready to learn as we round out the year,” said Mr. Gannon. “With AP exams and finals coming up, all students need to be ready to learn to the best of their abilities.” 

Students who have planned vacations for this break will be required to quarantine at home until receiving a negative COVID-19 test. After this, they will be allowed to return to campus but must attend study hall as punishment. “I must say, this really puts a damper on my plans for the long weekend,” said senior Evan Elster. Fellow senior Amalia Maxa agrees. “We literally have less than a month of school left,” she said. What’s the point in taking away our last few vacation days?” 


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