The current junior and sophomore members of the yearbook and newspaper staffs are looking forward to combining forces next year. Photo: Jamie Kornheiser

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT: Beginning in fall 2021, yearbook and newspaper will combine, creating one joint staff. This new class will publish a daily newspaper, except on Tuesdays, and a school-wide yearbook at the end of the year. 

This move follows the results of a survey conducted by The Knightly News last month. The survey was used to determine the best times to publish next year’s newspapers, and the feedback was surprising, according to online editor Gabriel Kadoori. The data indicates that 54% of upper school students report never having opened a newspaper while 18% leave them in their first period classes after handout day. 

The survey also revealed that 68% of freshmen did not even know Pace had an upper school student-run newspaper. “There is a newspaper here?” said freshman Ansli Hennings. “Have they handed out any issues yet?”

Answers from the survey prompted the yearbook staff to send one out as well. The results were equally alarming. In response to the question “where do you store your yearbook?” 27% of students reported that their yearbook is propping up their kitchen table while 41% had no clue of their yearbook’s whereabouts. One student even reported using the pages of the book as kindling in their fire pit.

“The newspaper and yearbook staffs were hesitant to combine forces considering their storied, competitive past,” said Head of School Michael Gannon. Two decades ago, three members of the newspaper staff broke into the yearbook room, which at the time was located in the basement of the Castle and guarded by two knights in armor. Once inside, they stole that year’s font for the yearbook. Ever since then, the yearbook and newspaper staffs have been suspicious of one another.

But now, the staffs are ready to join forces under the leadership of chemistry teacher Matthew Smentek. “I applied for my high school’s newspaper and yearbook staffs, and even though I got rejected from both, I am definitely ready to take on this new responsibility,” said Mr. Smentek.

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting new chapter in Pace’s world-renowned yearbook and newspaper staffs, please apply via email to Mr. Smentek at


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