Pace staff prepares for reopening of the snack bar. Photo: Amalia Haviv

Due to the initial COVID-19 lockdown, many were stuck at home with nothing but Netflix and Postmates. Gyms were closed, and everyone was left to 15-minute Chloe Ting workouts that didn’t really produce results. The country had to prioritize coronavirus safety over personal fitness. 

Gym sharks Ted Ward and Robert Kaufman noticed this national crisis and decided to take the Pace community’s well-being into their own hands. After a thorough social media investigation, the two saw that the issue of weight gain had reached the Pace student body. An anonymous source revealed that Mr. Ward and Mr. Kaufman were behind the closing of the snack bar for this very reason. 

On July 25, 2020 Mr. Ward and Mr. Kaufman scheduled a meeting with Head of Upper School Michael Gannon to discuss the fitness and health of the student body. Shortly after, Mr. Gannon and Head of School Fred Assaf decided that the snack bar would be closed for the 2020-2021 school year. Students would be forced to snack on the free fruit from the cafeteria rather than the 430-calorie bags of Cheez-Its.  

The resumption of sports has put the students in better shape, especially since chocolate muffins are no longer an option. As a result, the snack bar may be reopened by the end of this year, but it will look a little different. Sodas will be replaced with different flavors of La Croix, chips will be replaced with freeze dried fruit, and the muffins will be replaced with avocado based desserts. Some snacks will remain from the previous snack bar, such as ice. 

Another new addition to the snack bar will save students money. At a low cost, leftover food from Flik lunches will be sold. Some delicious options will include beef stew, chicken gumbo and turkey meatloaf. 

Flik Dining Director John Young has asked the wrestling team to help with the grand reopening so things don’t get out of control. Junior and wrestler Sam Howe recommended a weigh-in to be required with each snack bar purchase. 

In the upcoming school year, Pace administrators and faculty hope that the snack bar will not be taken advantage of and want students to remember the healthy habits the COVID-19 food guidelines created. If not, worse restrictions will be imposed: Flik fries will cease to be served at lunch.  


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