Senior Jacqueline Cunningham is a free-spirit, but also a down-to-earth, kind hearted classmate. Photo: Mary Childs Hall

Ugh. Another Valentine’s Day spent alone, wallowing in self-pity… The hours go by as you bury yourself under a comforter that isn’t even soft, while you devour chocolatey calories from a heart-shaped truffle box that never quite taste the same when you buy them for yourself. Is that really how you want to spend this February 14? Or, do you long to find someone earnest, social and witty to dine with over a Valentine’s Day meal? If you feel more inclined towards option two, you might just be in luck, as Pace’s 2021 Most Eligible Bachelorette senior Jacqueline Cunningham possesses all of these qualities, and more!

A magical chorus performer, speedy swim team participant, future Broadway star and math team MVP, Cunningham is a model high school student and an active community member. If those extracurriculars aren’t enough to meet your standards, let the Knightly News be the first to inform you that Cunningham is also co-president of both the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) and Pace Academy Student Support (PASS). And if that somehow doesn’t cut it, she plans to study neuroscience or psychology next year in college. When she’s cute AND smart, you’ve found the one! 

Identifying as queer, Cunningham is candid about her sexuality, having come out to her parents and friends in ninth grade. She’s open to tons of relationship options, but at the moment, Cunningham’s type is red headed girls. “Don’t get me wrong, though, red headed guys are strange to me,” said Cunningham. Her fantasy crush is the book version of Ginny Weasley from the “Harry Potter” series. “They really messed her up in the movies, though, so I definitely prefer Ginny from the actual novels,” said Cunningham.

In her free time, which one can tell is limited due to her involvement in many activities, Cunningham listens to music, specifically Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License.” Binging Netflix series is also one of her part-time hobbies. “I’m totally into “Bridgerton” right now, as everyone is, especially because TikTok creators are making it into a musical,” said Cunningham. She’s a big peanut butter lover too, but oddly enough, this infatuation does not include PB&Js. 

OK, so now that you are a bit familiar with who Cunningham is, let’s get down to business with who she’s looking for. “I’m attracted to people who are intelligent, funny and genuine,” she said. In the past, Cunningham has been plagued with toxic relationships, so her foremost trait when seeking a partner is honesty. “I also badly need someone who can cope with my mistakes, because sometimes, I’m a little bit of a dumbass,” she said. 

Last but not least, here are a few tips if you are thinking about asking Cunningham out for the Feb. 14 holiday of love. Her ideal Valentine’s Day gift includes chocolate. Tons of it. “I’m such a little kid, but I’m a sucker for stuffed teddy bears, so that would be a nice treat,” said Cunningham. In regards to your upcoming date, she’s always wanted to have a simple, yet romantic Valentine’s Day picnic. “There’s a little park near my house that has a duck pond, and I’ve always imagined how special and charming a picnic there would be,” she said. And if for some reason you lose track of time and forget to get the picnic basket ready, Jinya Ramen Bar would be “casual enough” for a first date, according to Cunningham. “Eating a massive bowl of ramen can’t be graceful so I think that would make things not too awkward and kind of funny,” she said.

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