Senior Will Brennan gets all the ladies. Who will he pick? Photo: Ashley Myers

With Valentine’s Day this weekend, every girl is looking for that perfect guy to sweep them off their feet and make Valentine’s Day feel like a real-life rom-com. Well, ladies, look no further! The Knightly News Most Eligible Bachelor for this year is senior Will Brennan, an outstanding stud who is looking for the ideal woman. The perfect combination of easy-going and excitable, Brennan is “down to do anything” whether that means going out to a nice dinner or staying in and watching “Star Wars.” If you appreciate “Star Wars” or are a big Georgia Bulldogs fan, you might be the right match for Brennan.

A classic Saturday morning for Brennan includes getting up early, but not too early: around 9 a.m. He’s incredibly responsible with his schoolwork and often finishes his homework days early, working on it here and there throughout the weekend. After working on homework briefly, Brennan loves to “go play golf with some friends” and hang out after. “I really value my friendships with people and one of my favorite pastimes is definitely just chilling with friends,” said Brennan. Brennan also loves watching a good game of football with his friends. “I’m an avid football fan, and the New Orleans Saints and Georgia Bulldogs are by far my favorite,” explained Brennan. If you can’t fathom dating a Saints or UGA fan, Brennan might not be the one for you. On the other hand, sports related debates could make for a good source of banter in the relationship.

Brennan notices personality first and foremost when getting to know someone for the first time. He truly does not want to be in a relationship for shallow reasons, like looks or to show off, but rather he is looking for a genuine connection and companion. This fact makes Brennan stand out as a diamond in the rough from other men. “I care mostly about if we mesh together and if she’s funny – that’s definitely important to me,” he said. He also values respect and openness when it comes to relationships. “Honesty and being truthful to each other is essential for a healthy relationship in my opinion,” said Brennan. 

After reading this, any girl would want Brennan in her life, but sadly Brennan is only looking for a girl who is his age or close to it. “Honestly, I’m not into a significant age difference – I want a minimal age difference or none at all, ideally,” he said. Beyond that, Brennan is open to getting to know anyone whether they end up as lovers or just friends. Brennan identified “being able to carry a conversation with anyone” as one of his strengths, so nobody should feel hesitant approaching him and striking up a conversation. “I’m never going to judge someone based on my first impression of them,” said Brennan. “I always want to get to know someone and let the relationship grow before I make any decisions.” 

Although Brennan is a self-identified “chill guy,” he’s planning on going the extra mile this Valentine’s Day for whomever he is courting. Imagine this: a candlelit dinner at Shake Shack followed by a sweet serenade by Brennan. He plans on arriving decked out in his “favorite pair of sweatpants” and T-shirt. If Brennan sounds like the guy for you, all you need to know is that Tame Impala is the way to his heart. 

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