Photo: Holland Proctor


Knightly News: Thank you guys for coming. 

Sean Glennon: Thank you for having us.

KN: I’m just going to jump right in. When did you guys start dating? 


Holland Proctor: Um, I don’t remember. 

SG: November? 

HP: November. 

SG: Of 2019.

HP: November 23!

SG: Yeahhh. Took a second there.

KN: Who was interested first?

SG: Me.

KN: Did you make the first move?

SG: Yes.

KN: So, did you ask her on a date?

HP: No, I um, initiated it first.  

SG: I was going to and then she…

HP: No he wasn’t. 

SG: Yes I was! She just butted in. 

KN: So you wear the pants in the relationship, Holland?

HP: Definitely.

SG: No, not a chance.

KN: Well, who makes all the decisions?

HP and SG: Me.

HP: No, you don’t.

KN: When you want to go out to eat, who picks?

SG and HP: Me.

SG: She’ll never pick where we eat food.

HP: Right, he lists things and then I decide.

SG: No. You’ll never decide so I just have to pick a place, which is usually Moe’s.

KN: What was your first date? 

SG: Ted’s Montana Grill. 

KN: Oh, I like Ted’s Montana Grill.

HP: A lunch date.

KN: A lunch date?

HP: After a swim meet. He picked me up at Pace.

KN: So you looked really cute, then? 

HP: Definitely not. 

KN: What was your favorite date? 

SG: I think one year. 

HP: Yeah, our one year.

KN: What’d you do? 

SG: We went to Ponce [City Market] and then we went out and had a nice dinner and then we went to…

HP: The [Atlanta] Botanical Gardens.

SG: Yeah the lights stuff. 

KN: Oh that’s cute. Did you plan it, Sean? 

SG: Yes, ma’am. 

HP: Um-hum. Sean planned the whole thing.

KN: Aw. That’s fun. Where is the farthest you’ve ever traveled together? 

SG: Kiawah [Island].

HP: Oh, yeah. We went to Kiawah for…

SG: Fall break.

KN: Who took? 

HP: I took Sean.

KN: Have you ever taken her on a trip, Sean?

SG: Yeah, to Blue Ridge.

KN: What are your most common fights about? 

SG: It’s always light-hearted. It’s always about stupid stuff.

HP: It’s mainly started by me.

SG: Yeah, you just get pissed.

HP: I’ll say something, and Sean disagrees, and I’ll get annoyed.

SG: Yeah, like, if someone is parked crooked next to her.

HP: He’s just talking about Leah [Favero].

SG: I mean she’s between the lines, but Holland just gets mad.

KN: At whose house do you hang out more? 

HP: Mine.

KN: Sean, are you close with the Proctor family? 

HP: Yes.

SG: Yeah.

KN: So, you’re part of the family? 

HP: Yes.

KN: Are your families close?

HP: No. Our families do not talk at all.

SG: They actually don’t. 

KN: Do you ever go to Sean’s house, Holland? 

HP: I do. I just don’t like driving all the way over there. I’d rather him come to me.

KN: Are you close with each other’s friends? 

SG: To an extent, yeah.

HP: Certain friends. I think Sean’s closer with my friends.

KN: Sean, who’s your favorite of Holland’s friends? 

SG: No comment.

HP: No, who is your favorite? Answer.

SG: Probably Edward [Eddi Aronson] or Ren [Catherine Crawford].

KN: What about you Holland?

HP: Of his friends?

KN: Yeah. 

HP: I like his brother the best.

KN: Is he your friend, Sean?

SG: Yeah. Patrick and I are obviously boys.

HP: Sean, I think I like your brother more than you.

SG: Oh my god!

HP: I do.

KN: Do you ever hang out with other couples?

SG: Honestly, not that much. We have a couple times.

KN: It’s better when it’s just y’all?

HP: Yes. 

SG: Well, I think it definitely can be fun.

KN: I don’t think Holland agrees.

HP: No. I… I don’t know. It’s just hard to plan, I guess.

SG: Yeah, that is true. Good point.

KN: So, this question is kind of… you don’t have to answer. 

HP: I’m scared!

KN: How do you think the next few months will go? 

HP: Oh, with our relationship? We’re dating throughout the summer and breaking up when he goes to college. 

SG: I mean she threw down that gauntlet. I think that’s pretty grim. I’m not trying to be in a relationship with a set end date, but that definitely is the probable result. She’s more blunt about that. 

HP: I’m just being honest. 

SG: She likes to joke about it to cope. She says stuff like, “We’ll be broken up by then!” and I’m just like “What the heck?”

KN: Yes, she does that all the time. 

SG: And everyone sympathy laughs with her. Everyone is just confused. She’ll say something like, “Maybe we’ll get it next year. Oh wait, we’ll be DONE.”

HP: It’s so funny.

SG: No, it’s not. You’re the only one who finds it funny.

HP: Other people do, too.

SG: No, they laugh because they pity you.

KN: On that note, I’m going to wrap things up. Thank you again for interviewing.

SG: Solid.


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