Freshman Daniel Owens poses with one of the trail markers he restored at Cochran Shoals National Park for his Eagle Scout project. Photo: Daniel Owens

Five Pace Academy freshmen have recently earned the Boy Scouts of America’s highest rank, the Eagle Scout: Adger Allen, Drew Crumley, Colin Curtin, Hayden Harris and Daniel Owens. They are now a part of less than 6% of Boy Scouts to achieve this rank.

The Eagle Scout can be attained by someone who has been a Life Scout for at least six months, is active in their troop and demonstrates “Scout Spirit” within their troop. Also, they must earn a minimum of 21 merit badges, complete a project that benefits their community in a positive way and achieve various ranks. Finally, they have to sit in front of the Eagle Board of Review, write a personal statement and receive letters of recommendation. 

These five freshmen have been scouts since first grade. They started as Cub Scouts, where they achieved their highest rank, Arrow of Light. Then, they continued as Boy Scouts. The process goes as follows: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and lastly, Eagle. 

Harris said that his favorite part of being a Boy Scout throughout the years was hikes with friends. “Getting your Eagle Scout takes a while, and you have to be very attentive, but my favorite part of earning it was seeing the success of all my tiring effort,” he said. After completing his rank, he wants to help his troop with the younger scouts.

Crumley enjoyed getting to hang out with his close friends as a Scout. “My favorite part of achieving my Eagle Scout was probably the recognition at the end for all of the work I put into it,” he said. Now that he has completed his Eagle Scout, Crumley wants to help some of his friends who have not yet achieved the rank to do so.

Allen describes the process as many years of hard work and dedication. As a scout, he enjoys going on trips with his dad. “My favorite part of achieving my Eagle Scout Rank was the Eagle Board of Review,” said Allen. “It was really fun and interesting, and it helped me understand my next steps as a scout.” Allen hopes to become a Boy Scout scoutmaster someday and will attend scout camps this summer. “I would highly recommend anyone to join the scouting program,” he said.

Curtin enjoyed his service project and helping friends. “My favorite part of being a Boy Scout was the Pinewood Derby,” he said. The Pinewood Derby is a racing event for miniature cars.

Owens has been serving as chaplain aide for 4 years. “For my Eagle Scout project, I chose to restore 24 posts that mark where there are creeks and culverts on the trails at Cochran Shoals National Park,” he said. Owens enjoyed it when people asked him about his project: “I got to explain what exactly we were doing, and they congratulated me on sticking on the path to become an Eagle Scout.” Owens plans to stay involved in Boy Scouts through May and train the new chaplain aide. He also wants to help with feedback for Eagle Scout projects since he never got advice from older scouts. “I am proud of all of my fellow Eagle Scouts for becoming the first ever Eagle Scouts in Troop 2024 and persevering to obtain this rank,” he said.

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