YMUN’s Secretariat and Chairs gather via Zoom to celebrate a successful virtual conference. Photo: @yalemun on Facebook

Pace’s Model United Nations (MUN) program started 2021 off strong by participating in Yale MUN (YMUN) from Jan. 21-24. Between the online format and YMUN’s reputation as one of the most prestigious and advanced conferences in the country, preparing for this new addition to Pace’s MUN calendar took a lot of work and time throughout winter break and Spirit Week. 

For many of the 15 participating students, this was not their first time participating in a virtual conference, although many had little exposure to college-run conferences over Zoom. Delegates had limited time to research, write and prepare for the conference, especially during the busy first few weeks of the second semester.

Junior Leah Favero, one of the members of the Student Executive Board for Pace’s MUN program, enjoyed this conference more than others this year, largely because of the wide variety of people that she was able to meet and work with. “There were so many international students there which was made possible by the virtual format,” said Favero. “I got to meet delegates from all over the world, even as far away as New Zealand.”

Senior Michael Fu remarked on his experience representing Ukraine on the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ), a committee that mainly focused on the issues of money laundering and reforming prison systems around the world. “It was a really great experience that felt more like an actual MUN committee,” said Fu. “I even ended up starting a campaign called ‘Hugs not Drugs.'”

After many hours of preparation and a whopping 18 hours spent in committee sessions, Emma Beth Neville walked away with recognition at the closing ceremony, receiving an Honorable Mention for her work in the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which was especially impressive in a committee of around 70 people. 

Following YMUN, Pace’s program has a busy schedule for the rest of the semester and will participate in their last virtual conference, hosted by Georgetown University, in mid-February. Besides that, Pace MUN will be hosting a second Pace-only conference in April, which as of now, will be in-person.

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