In the digital age, disinformation and misinformation can spread easily and quickly, especially over the hyper accessible format that social media provides. No matter what the original source is, false information can reach the entire world in a matter of minutes, and it often becomes difficult or near-impossible to discernContinue Reading

“Imagine Prom on steroids. The exclusive, high society Sadie dance breeds drama. In an attempt to control the catfights and rejections, a list is created where girls can claim dates before the extravagant proposals.” Sound familiar? That’s just the beginning of the Amazon blurb for a new novel released inContinue Reading

For the first time this year Pace Academy has put together a girls flag football team. They recently completed the regular season going undefeated (9-0). In the regular season, they were able to defeat everyone in their region which included many strong schools: Decatur, Lakeside, McNair and Dunwoody. This earnedContinue Reading

Despite the United States having the world’s largest economy, only 57% of Americans are financially literate, according to The Tennessean. In addition to this concerning statistic, researchers found that only 37% of Americans were able to answer simple questions regarding inflation, compound interest and diversification. Mr. Michael Merlin, founder ofContinue Reading

“The Great Gatsby,” “The Catcher in the Rye,” “Let the Great World Spin.” These are just three of the dozens of novels that are currently a part of the Pace Academy Upper School curriculum. And one may notice that they share a common theme: they are centered around a white,Continue Reading

What events define the 15-year odyssey of a Pace alumna back to the castle’s gates? For recently hired Associate Director of MS/US Admissions Heather Bernes ‘05, such a journey included the 1947-mile flight to Los Angeles and two Daytime Emmy awards. Regardless of what transpired along the way, however, Mrs.Continue Reading

The holidays are a time for gathering as a family, but as Georgia’s COVID-19 cases rise, holiday plans have altered. Gathering in larger groups and putting older relatives at risk has worried families. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), Georgia’s latest surge in cases is almost double the level thatContinue Reading

Even though the season looks a little different, all four winter sports are off to a strong start. All teams have adopted different COVID-19 protocols and are trying to stay as safe as possible, while also maintaining a level of high performance.  Wrestling This year’s wrestling team has high hopesContinue Reading

After Nov. 3, the presidential election was not the only subject of hot debate. Georgia’s Senate elections have captured the attention of the entire country these past few weeks. The Democrats flipped two Senate seats in the November election with Mark Kelly’s win in Arizona and John Hickenlooper’s win inContinue Reading

Given that lawsuits and claims of voter fraud are false, President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2021. Following the Nov. 3 election, the House of Representatives remained Democratic. If history repeats itself, the Senate is likely to remain Republican, pending the outcome of Georgia’s two Senate runoffsContinue Reading

The COVID-19 pandemic stole many Pace traditions, such as live theater productions, the senior parade, dances and more. However, the Isdell Center for Global Leadership (ICGL) has worked to preserve their beloved study tours by planning domestic trips that fit pandemic protocols while also being enjoyable and educational. “We wantedContinue Reading

As the winter holiday season quickly approaches, celebrations may not be happening as they typically would. However, families and the Pace community are working hard to maintain their holiday traditions. And while many families celebrate only one holiday, several upper school students celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah.  This year, HanukkahContinue Reading