Funny dog toys like this are perfect for the holiday season. Photo: Amazon

Need help finding gifts for your friends, family and pets? Explore the variety of options listed below to inspire you for this holiday season!

For your brother: To make charging his phone easier, you can purchase this $12.99 wireless charger from Amazon this holiday season. By simply placing one’s phone on the disk, it will begin to charge without any need for a charger or a chord. 

For your sister: These LED lights can make your sister’s room festive and fun for the holiday season. For only $13.99 on Amazon, you can gift these lights to your sister to add some color to her room. The lights are equipped with a remote that allows you to change the color of your lights at your leisure as well.

For your mom: What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a custom candle for mom? Just head to the Yankee Candle website, pick a style, scent, photo and message, and there you have it! These personalized, $22.00 candles are guaranteed to put a smile on your mom’s face and will definitely be cherished by her as well.

For your dad: This gift is truly one-of-a-kind and will be put to great use by dad. A golf driver dispenser is perfect for the holidays, allowing your dad to have a cold beverage while out on the golf course. Head to to explore this item for $60.00. 

For Your friend: Add some humor to your holiday season with this burrito blanket. Available on Amazon for $24.99, this comfortable blanket is a great gift for your friends. It is also available as a pie, pizza or a waffle if your friend is not a fan of burritos.

For your dog: These funny dog toys are the perfect gift for your furry friends. They range in price from $7.00 to $20.00 on Amazon and will make your dog’s tail wag. These toys include a faux Starbucks frappuccino as well as a “Chewy Vuitton” bone.

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