(L-R top) Whole Foods hot bar and Insomnia Cookies, (L-R bottom) Egg Harbor Cafe and Arden’s Garden are all great restaurants for a quick bite or smoothie in Atlanta. Photos: Yelp

Late Night Bite – Insomnia Cookies

Delivered until 3 a.m., Insomnia Cookies are the best late night bite in Atlanta. The chain has three locations in the city, on Spring St. near Georgia Tech, and in the Poncey Highland and East Atlanta neighborhoods. You can go in-store and order, but I would recommend ordering online. My favorite order would have to be the Deluxe Cookie’wich, with warm chocolate chunk cookies that boast gooey, melted chocolate chips surrounded by a sweet, soft cookie exterior.

The best part is that this dessert is fully customizable with twelve different cookies to choose from, ranging from Snickerdoodle to S’mores Deluxe, and various ice cream flavors. My choice is chocolate ice cream that is sandwiched between the two cookies making for an incredible dessert. If you’re looking for a treat, look no further than Insomnia Cookies.

Free Period Frenzy – Whole Foods

Going off campus to eat lunch is always fun, but sometimes it’s hard to find a group that agrees on where to go. I have the place for you. Located five minutes from campus at Paces Ferry Plaza, Whole Foods truly has something for everyone. The hot bar is only $8.99 per pound of food and has multiple different cuisines so everyone can get the food that they want.

My favorite picks from the hot bar are definitely the mac and cheese, pizza and salad. The mac and cheese instantly brightens my school day as the perfect comfort food. The pizza is always a reliable go-to as well. The salad bar offers a plethora of toppings and dressings to play with. If you haven’t tried the Whole Foods market yet, I recommend going ASAP for a cheap, quick and yummy lunch.

Brunch with Besties – Egg Harbor Cafe

After a tiring week of school, Saturday morning brunch is essential for me. A fan favorite among my family and friends is Egg Harbor located on Peachtree Rd. in Brookwood Hills. I have been going to Egg Harbor religiously for the past few years so I know the best entrees, sides and drinks. My favorite meal is definitely the Cinnamon Roll French Toast. If you are someone who prefers sweet over salty, this entree is for you. It combines the sweetness of cinnamon roll frosting with the texture of french toast.

If it is cold out, you must try their hot chocolate. Served with a hearty amount of whipped cream on top, this drink warms you up and tastes amazing. My favorite side has to be potatoes or bacon, the perfect salty side to complement a sweet entree.

Post-Workout Provisions – Arden’s Garden

Post workout, Arden’s Garden is a great place to swing by to pick up a bottled juice or order a personalized smoothie. Arden’s Garden boasts 15 locations in the metro Atlanta area, so you can find a location closest to you. My order of choice is the personalized smoothie. You first choose a size, either 16 or 24 ounces, and then you choose your base, fruit and any healthy extras you want to add.

My order is usually a 16 ounce smoothie with a pineapple base; bananas, strawberries and peaches; and kale as a healthy extra. If you aren’t sure of what you want in your smoothie, you can always consider the specialty 24 ounce smoothies, such as the Spinach Slam or the Summer Island. Another option if you are in a hurry are the pre-made fruit smoothies or juices. In my opinion, these aren’t as good as the smoothies that they make in front of you, but they still provide refreshing nourishment after a workout. 


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