The varsity girls volleyball team defeated Gordon Lee High School 3-2 on Nov. 7 to capture their fourth consecutive state title in the championship match at Lakepoint Sports Complex in Cartersville. The girls took a strong lead early in the match, winning both the first and second sets 25-18. TheContinue Reading

Every year, the Nobel Prize is awarded to people – or groups of people – for having discovered or invented something that has had “the greatest benefit to humankind.” The Nobel season begins every October as the Nobel Committee begins announcing the winners of the prize, which are then handedContinue Reading

Eight days before the 2020 presidential election, Amy Coney Barrett places her hand on the bible and recites the oath that swears her in as a Supreme Court Justice of the United States. On televisions, phones and websites across the country, millions watch. Over a week later, Democrats celebrate inContinue Reading

Late Saturday morning, cities across the country erupted in celebration as major news outlets declared Joe Biden the projected winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. Many people took to the streets to dance, cheer and bang on pots and pans, congratulating their neighbors and basking in the light of aContinue Reading

1. Kansas City Chiefs The Kansas City Chiefs, better known as the former Super Bowl Champions, top the list for best team in the NFL. Everything about this team is wonderful. Led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs have a solid offense. Tight end Travis Kelce and wide receiver TyreekContinue Reading

In a year when so much focus has been placed on how the college admissions process has changed due to COVID-19, an area that hasn’t been covered as much is how the admissions processes at independent schools have adapted because of the ongoing pandemic. In the Pace admissions office, theContinue Reading

Although the student actors social distance and wear masks at school, many had concerns at the start of the year about how performances could be pulled off safely.  But Performing Arts Department Chair Sean Bryan has developed a plan to produce William Shakespeare’s comedy “As You Like It” to theContinue Reading

For every presidential election, the Pew Research Center publishes studies and surveys of the most important issues to American voters. These issues include the economy, healthcare, crime, COVID-19 and others. Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden are running on very different platforms this year, but there are some similarities.Continue Reading