Students cheer on the varsity volleyball team as they advance to the state championship. Photo: Fred Assaf

Packed with sports, performing arts, retreats and ICGL trips, the year was eventful for the freshman, sophomore and junior classes. Each grade shared unique experiences that defined them as a class, whether it be the freshman retreat or Spirit Week. Students in these grades all have at least one more year at Pace, allowing them to reflect on this year, but also set goals for next year.

Freshmen Eloise Gaudet and Brian Lee said that their favorite part of the year was Spirit Week. Freshman Jack Janko, on the other hand, said that his favorite memory was the retreat and getting to meet the kids in his grade for the first time.

Freshmen were uniformly disappointed in their inability to participate in spring traditions, due to the closure of the Pace campus. “I will miss not being able to do Phlotilla and finishing the school year off with my classmates,” said Janko. “I cannot miss it because we didn’t get to do it, but I am sad we could not do Phlotilla,” agreed Gaudet.

With this year almost wrapped up, the freshmen have started looking ahead to their sophomore year. “I am looking forward to seeing everyone again,” said Gaudet. “I hope sophomore year we get even closer as a grade.” Lee is also looking forward to socializing again. “I am excited to be able to go to Music Midtown this year,” he said.

The sophomore class had a variety of memorable moments throughout the year. Sophomore Xavier Agostino’s favorite memory was Spirit Week. “At first I was kinda shy because I would be dancing in front of the whole school, but our grade really helped encourage me to feel more comfortable, and I look forward to being even more involved with it next year,” he said.

Sophomore class president Carly Appel reflected on the varsity girls soccer season. “My favorite memory was definitely beating Lovett 5-0,” said Appel. “It was such a fun game and we really connected as a team.”

With regard to academics, Appel said that she will “miss having a more stress-free year,” adding, “Junior year will be much more of an undertaking.”

Agostino is ready to take on junior year, feeling academically stronger than ever. “The thing I will really miss is just some of the help I got from teachers this year,” said Agostino. “Ms. Smith has really opened my eyes to education and different ways to learn, while Dr. DuPree helped me explore curiosity and make bold assertions about the world around me.”

Although both students acknowledged the step up academically, Appel and Agostino look forward to the coming year. “Honestly I can’t wait to be back at Pace with my friends every day and go to football and basketball games,” said Appel.

Next year, Agostino is looking to prepare for life after Pace. “Next year I plan to see where I need to academically be at, and then look at what colleges would best fit me,” said Agostino, “Then, I need to take a look at if I want to play sports in college, and if certain schools would allow me to do that.”

Although Agostino is looking ahead to his future, he has big goals for his entire class. “I want to see us start to demonstrate more leadership qualities and include more people in our grade,” said Agostino. “I feel like it is separated into different groups, rather than one unit. Next year, our grade should be looking to set an example for underclassmen.”

The current junior class has many high hopes for their senior year. As they approach next year, juniors Eve Kogon and Logan Baker reflected on their favorite memories from this year. “My favorite memory from junior year was the Spring Break ICGL trip to the Galapagos,” said Kogon. “It was a great group of people, and we got to see really interesting wildlife.”

Baker’s favorite memory is also from Spring Break. “The best part of the year was definitely the boys winning the basketball state championship,” said Baker. Both students stressed how they will miss the Class of 2020 next year. “I will miss the seniors and everything they brought to the high school,” said Kogon. “I am definitely going to miss my soccer and basketball teammates,” said Baker.

Senior year comes with many traditions for students to look forward to. “I am excited for the first day of school senior parade, GAP Day, Spirit Week and decorating our uniform skirts,” said Kogon. She hopes that her grade will finish high school strong. “My goals for the class are to get even closer next year and spend more time together,” she said. “I hope we make the most of our last year together and bring a fun energy to the high school.”

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