Seku Walton demonstrates a workout for the athletes to repeat. Photo: Pace Knights Instagram.

Despite the limitation of the strength and conditioning coaches’ ability to help their students prepare for the upcoming seasons, they have put together a virtual challenge for their athletes. The Iron Knight Challenge is a competition where students submit workout videos to earn points for their team. The competition has attracted 150 athletes, who have divided themselves into groups of ten with one captain in charge of making sure each member turns in their video for the day. The athletes will be graded on completion, form and the wearing of Pace athletic gear. “There are so many options to train without equipment, so there is no need to stop during our break,” said strength and conditioning coach Sekou Walton.  

The challenge launched on April 6, with the strength and conditioning coaches posting a new video of an exercise to complete each day on Instagram. “Getting your body moving is so important for our athletes during this time to prepare for our seasons next year,” said strength and conditioning coach Ty Johnson. “We wanted a way to ensure all of our athletes were working out and wanted to create a contest to keep up their motivation.”

The coaches have incentivized their athletes by offering amazing prizes for the top teams. After the first two weeks, the coaches will send out pizza to each member of the top three teams for them to have a virtual pizza party. On May 2, the coaches will announce the winners who will receive the following: third place team: Amazon Fire Stick 4K streaming device with Alexa for each team member  ($49.99 per person), second-place team: Amazon Echo Smart Speaker for each team member ($149.99 per person) and first-place team: AirPod Pros for each team member ($249.00 per person).

“It is awesome that the staff is offering so many prizes and definitely has kept my team motivated to do the workouts each day,” said junior George Creasman. 

The goal of the challenge, according to Coach Walton, is to encourage students to get active, stay connected with the Pace community, remotely help student-athletes with some form of consistency, and to promote friendly competition the Pace Knights way. “If the students keep up with the workouts and fuel their body properly we will be in great shape next year,” said Coach Johnson. 

Each participant in the challenge will receive an Iron Knight T-shirt, and the staff will check in with each individual team to maintain interactions between coaches and players as well as help teams with their form as would be done if the students were in the weight room. There will also be a sport-specific portion of the contest for coaches to connect with their teams. The Pace Knights Instagram page will follow the action live throughout the contest. 

After many weeks of fierce competition, these dedicated student athlete teams have earned the top 3 spots and won the corresponding gifts above:

1)Peak Performers-  Kargil BehlEdward BlahaGeorge BlahaSam HoweHenry Leusink, Robert MallisAlex MathiasGreyson O’BerryJason Tapper and Grant Thompson.
2) Team Rockout
3) Federal Activity


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