Sophomore Jayla Wideman and President Donald Trump embrace at the White House. Photo: Mike Pence

Since the beginning of President Trump’s term, America has truly been made great again. Countless improvements have been made to our country’s economy and society. His presidency has brought America together as people rally behind him, rather than splitting along party lines which many presidents have experienced before him. 

Trump’s kind and compassionate policies, particularly towards immigrants, have truly strengthened our international community. It is no doubt that he has made our country’s borders stronger and safer. One example of Trump’s empathy towards illegal immigrants is his expansion of the family separation policy.

Pulling children away from their illegal parents truly demonstrates the American values that Trump espouses with every part of his being. The state of the detention camps are also of the highest quality, with near hotel-like conditions; just another example of President Trump’s true love and care for even those who are not legal citizens of our country.

President Trump’s social media presence also casts the U.S. in the best light. Each tweet is carefully crafted and with ultimate accuracy, both in facts and spelling. We have never had a president so closely engaged with the citizens of his country. His grammar and overall knowledge of the intricacies of the English language is ASTOUNDING. And who could ignore how he absolutely destroys his liberal opponents, despite the seemingly wide IQ gap? Trump’s perseverance allows him to overcome his own subpar number of points. 

Trump’s relationship with many of the minorities of the country truly is something to behold. He has gained favor with black Americans, spelling it out in this fearless tweet: “Sadly, because president Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won’t see another black president for generations!”

What a courageous thing to say, in front of the same blacks whose vote he hopes for. It is that same bravery that garnered 8% of the black vote in 2016. His numerous, fact-based statements as to the truths of who minorities are deep down, deserve our faith and trust in him.

Trump also does his best to reinforce the set democratic values of our great nation. It’s clear that he has encouraged the “freedom of the press” section of our Constitution. His defense against the fake news of credible sources has greatly improved the station of journalists. Since the beginning of his term, America has fallen on the World Press Freedom Index, and now ranks as a “problematic” place for journalists. This, however, must be due to the unwillingness of liberals to see the truth of the fake news that permeates all news sources (except for Fox News, of course).

Who can forget Trump’s tactful exchange with Iran at the beginning of this year? Though risky, and arguably an act of war, our president still had the guts to kill Iran’s top general. Iran’s answering strike against U.S. bases only fanned the flames of tension already struck between the two countries. Of course, had war truly broken out, America would have won – no matter how many innocent Iranian citizens Trump had to authorize the murder of. “America first” is the idea that Trump embodies. When has nationalism ever caused any problems? (Besides World War I, of course.)

Finally, President Trump’s handling of Covid-19. Out of all the world leaders, he has handled the spreading virus in the most dignified manner. Though his original statement on the topic was bumpy (he misstated his own policy), and he fired the pandemic team allotted by the government in 2018, it is clear that he did this only in the best interest of America.

When the coronavirus was first spreading, he refused to allow the World Health Organization (an agency of the United Nations) to share their tests with America, instead insisting the U.S. develop its own test. This task was accomplished, due to the strong leadership of Trump. Though the CDC does not have enough tests, and though this lack of tests is most likely contributing to the spread and rise of the virus, Americans can rest easy knowing that the few tests we do have are American-made. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN 2020!



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