Mo Mo Ya a Great Experience for All Diners

The onion volcano is a meal-maker, and is one of many unique experiences at Mo Mo Ya. Photo: Yelp

Upon looking at my past reviews, I realized they all have a common theme: the restaurants were all largely American, Southern staples. So for this review, I decided to venture outside the borders of the United States (without leaving Atlanta) and found myself walking through the doors of the Hibachi restaurant Mo Mo Ya on Roswell Rd. 

Upon arriving, I was seated at a multi family table and offered onion soup, which was divine, and a house salad, which I did not particularly enjoy. The salad was primarily iceberg lettuce with a ginger dressing, and these tastes just did not agree with me.

Soon after, however, the waiter arrived to take my order. The choices of meat ranged from shrimp and scallops to fish, chicken and steak. I opted for a combination of steak and chicken. Additionally, one of Mo Mo Ya’s most celebrated dishes is their fried rice, so I decided to indulge and order two servings of it. My order was noted and out came the hibachi chef to wow my fellow table mates and me with his exquisite cooking and insane skills.

The chef started off by banging his knife and other tools on the stove, flipping and catching them multiple times. It was captivating. He then started a large, yet controlled, fire to sanitize the stove, which made my jaw drop. These spectacles continued even after he began to cook the food.

My two favorite moments were when the chef went around to each customer seated at the table and flipped eggs from the fried rice into our mouths. I was also awestruck when the chef created a fiery volcano using just onions and some cooking oil.

After the show, it was time for the meal, which I was extremely satisfied with as a whole. The chicken and steak were cooked exactly as I asked and had been marinated and seasoned to perfection. Additionally, blending the meat with the fried rice elevated the taste to mouth watering. The servings were generous, which was great because I was hungry, especially after watching all of those delicious meals being made right in front of my eyes.

Overall, the experience, atmosphere, and, of course, the food create a unique experience that you can only find in select places. I will definitely be going back in the future. Although the meals are pricey, ranging from $16.95-$19.95 for entrees, this is an engaging experience that anyone should have if they can, as it is truly a wonderful time.

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