Senior Maya Kaplan (center) is followed by potential suitors. Photo: Francesca Vaneri

An enigma, a paradox, a woman of mystery. All these terms and more come to mind when thinking of Pace’s 2020 most eligible bachelorette, senior Maya Kaplan. Often spotted socializing in the Seaman Family Student Commons, working diligently in the Woodruff Library, or frolicking on the soccer pitch as an aspiring member of the girls varsity soccer team (despite having been cut), Kaplan is on the search for a man who can match her self-professed “fast and furious” pace. 

The aloof Kaplan says that in her free time, she enjoys studying, spending time with friends and family, watching subtitled foreign films and stargazing. But don’t be fooled – under a studious exterior hides a spirit of adventure. Kaplan is typically the one amongst her friends who tempts the group to ditch books for adventure on Saturday nights. “Some things are just more important,” said Kaplan. 

Kaplan has certainly lived life off the beaten path. “I’ve been bitten by a zebra, a dog, a cat, a lizard, a fish, a hamster, a ferret and a turtle. I have ADHD. I was born early. I once dropped a baby on its head.” Her favorite foods include avocado and mini ravioli from Trader Joe’s.

When asked what she looks for in a boy, Kaplan replied: “A girlfriend. Actually, leave that out. Probably, a big heart. Freckles wouldn’t hurt. Younger than me.” Kaplan wasn’t always into younger men, however. “My first crush was on our plumber.” And her proudest moment? “Charl – actually, never mind.”

If one were to observe Kaplan’s behavior around campus, they’d be sure to catch her giving her signature flirty wink to passing strangers: “It’s the best way to make my presence known and ensure a memorable first impression. One look in his direction and he’ll be thinking about me for hours.” Maya lives by a simple principle: “Just because there’s a goalie doesn’t mean you can’t score.”

Kaplan doesn’t have the fondest memories associated with Valentine’s Day. “In eighth grade, [senior] Jack Robison broke up with me on Valentine’s Day,” said Kaplan. “I’ve been recovering ever since.” This year, she is finally ready to rebound from her heartbreak. Since 2020 began, Kaplan has been looking forward to Feb. 14, dreaming about sharing a plate of her beloved mini ravioli with a charming suitor. It’ll take a truly special man to make Kaplan believe that she’s capable of love again. So, boys, are you up to the task?

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