Senior Will Rehmert (center) always attracts a crowd of women in the Seaman Family Student Commons. Photo: Aman Hashim

Before this Valentine’s Day, you were probably scrambling to find a last-minute date. Although there are a lot of fish in the sea, one stands out among them all this season of love. Well known for his laid back personality, hard-working mindset and fashion sense, he is a pleasure to admire. He works hard on the football field and grinds in the classroom, too. Ladies, please be on the lookout for the most eligible bachelor: Will Rehmert. 

Imagine you are alone one day, pondering the characteristics of the perfect boyfriend. What comes to mind? Dashing. Confident. Authentic. Winsome. So, you start scrolling through Tinder, trying to filter the “perfect man” but nobody seems to compare to Rehmert. In his swaggy, leather cowboy boots and dusty blue jeans, his style is unmatched.

“I like to dress more mature for my age,” said Rehmert. “I want the girls to know that I am serious and sophisticated.” “Mort” is looking for a woman who is down to earth, one who seeks a man beyond his looks. Luckily for him, he has much more to offer than his bold apparel. 

As president of Pace Academy Student Support (PASS), a varsity football star and Peachtree Road United Methodist Church high school basketball legend, ladies should know he is determined to reach the top. Even during the offseason, he is driven to stay in good shape. “I hit the gym after school to keep my body toned and my mind clear,” said Rehmert. “I’m trying to get big.”

Beyond the looks of a girl, Rehmert sees the beauty of a relationship in how a couple connects with one another. He is interested in a woman who is religious, putting God before anything else. “She has to be a big dancer, too,” said Rehmert. “Slow dance, fast, swing, whatever it is – just get on the dance floor and shake it out.”

If you are wondering what song to play on the way to your romantic date, try “Heartache on the Dancefloor” by Jon Pardi. Rehmert loves the melody and words to the hearty song and knows that any lady who plays that has good taste in music. 

Rehmert is eager to not only find a girlfriend for himself, but also for his fellow senior friends. “If any guys out there need a pickup line, try this: ‘Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’m searching for,'” said Rehmert. His selfless personality sets him apart, as he is always looking to support his friends and family.

Speaking of family, Rehmert boasts the reputation of being “the perfect man to bring home to your family” after winning that senior superlative. He speaks well with parents and is known to keep the conversation lively with new people. 

All in all, Mort is the ideal boyfriend for anyone who wants to be loved and respected. “I want the girls reading this to know that I’m not judgmental – I’m open to meet anyone,” said Rehmert. “Come find me in the stands going wild at the next basketball game and we can grub after, my treat.”

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