Jim ‘N Nick’s a Great Restaurant for Spring Athletes to Refuel

Diners of all types can enjoy a great meal at Jim ‘N Nick’s, located at 4574 South Cobb Dr. PHOTO: TripAdvisor

With the start of spring sports and countless practices at Walsh Field, many student athletes will be spending long hours at the Riverview Sports Complex. With that in mind, I am offering up a restaurant near the fields (about a five minute drive) that athletes can thoroughly enjoy after practices and games with their teammates or families. Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q on South Cobb Dr. offers something for everyone, including a relaxed atmosphere that allows teams to bond over delicious meals.

I first dined at Jim ‘N Nick’s last spring after the Pace varsity baseball team secured the region championship against Lovett. My teammates and I spent over an hour marveling at the tasty food and recounting memories from the season as we prepared for the playoffs. I have been back many times since.

As soon as you are seated, you must ask for the mini corn muffins. They are a staple of the menu, and honestly one of the best foods there. These tiny muffins are packed with a powerful addictive taste and leave you craving more; however, there are many other delicious starters. Another necessary item is their classic barbecue chips. The chips are homemade and the barbecue dust has a unique flavor. The nachos are also a go-to starter for many diners.

In terms of the main course, there are two main options: barbecue and burgers/sandwiches, but there are plenty of options under each category. You can also get soup or a salad if you so please, but I have never indulged in these options. The barbecue selections are top notch. You can get brisket, multiple kinds of pork, (including their Carolina-style pulled pork), ham, chicken or ribs. All of these can be ordered either by themselves or as sandwiches on Texas toast.

I have had the brisket and Carolina pork as sandwiches and they were delectable, with exquisite presentation and taste. The burgers are delightful as well. I have had the pleasure of having the “JNN Original burger” and “The Southern Burger” and my taste buds thank me for it – “The Southern Burger” especially. These items are all topped with their house made barbecue sauce which is delectable.

As an experienced customer, I will offer one piece of advice on the burgers. All sandwiches and barbecue come with one “trimming,” or side. The fries are very good, consistent with every great burger and sandwich place, but their mac and cheese is truly special. I always order the mac and cheese and, when I get a burger, I put the mac and cheese inside the bun, which blends beautifully with the rest of the ingredients.

Lastly, like most Southern restaurants, they pride themselves on their teas. I highly recommend both “Dorothy’s Sweet Tea” as well as “Dorothy’s Peach Tea.” In addition, they serve pies for dessert, but I have never tried one. All in all, with great food at a reasonable price, Jim ‘N Nick’s gives stressed and tired student athletes a great atmosphere to decompress and bond with their teammates as they chase rings in their respective sports. 

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