(L-R) Senior Ben Caldwell and junior Lily Kahn recreate the famous “Titanic” pose in the gardens. Photo: Aman Hashim

Knightly News: Hey, what’s up y’all?

Ben Caldwell: Hey, Aman!

Lily Kahn: Hey! Are you recording this?

KN: Yes. Is that OK?

LK: (Light chuckle) Sure. 

KN: Alright, so how long have y’all been dating?

BC: It’s been about three months now. Wow!

KN: Good stuff. When did y’all first meet or talk to each other?

BC: Music Midtown.

LK: No, no, are you kidding me? That’s not true. It was a year ago.

KN: Come on, “Squatch.” Why did you decide to start talking?

BC: Well, I always knew of her but was too shy to say anything. I just thought she was really cute, though, so I went for it. Turned out pretty well, I guess. 

KN: What’s it like being a couple but in different grades?

BC: It’s different because we don’t have any classes together, so we try and talk during break and lunch as much as we can.

LK: Yeah, I always look forward to those times because I don’t get to see him much otherwise during the day. We also hangout after school or practices.

KN: That’s nice. What’s your favorite trait about each other?

LK: Like character trait? 

KN: Yes, please.

LK: Um, this is hard. (Laughter) Just kidding, he’s really nice and makes jokes. 

BC: Her personality. She’s really fun to talk to and I just love being with her. 

KN: What was the first date y’all went on?

BC: Houston’s. 

LK: Oh my god no. OK fine, well, kind of. That was our first real date night, but he took me to Taco Bell once before that. 

KN: That’s sweet. Who paid?

(LK and BC laughing)

LK: He paid, but I have paid for him before. 

KN: Do you remember what the other person ordered at Houston’s?

BC: She got pickles, I think. Chicken fingers and pickles.

LK: I don’t even know what he got. It was like a sandwich, a Reuben something. It really didn’t look good.

BC: Nope. Are you serious? It was a French dip sandwich.

LK: Shut up, I’m good at this. 

KN: OK now, what did you get each other for Christmas?

BC: I got her a sexy shirt. She picked it and I just paid for it. 

LK: His mom paid for it, and he got me eyeliner. I got him a weighted blanket that was really expensive. 

KN: That’s nice of you both. What’s your favorite thing to do together?

BC: We just hang out and talk about our feelings a lot! 

LK: Oh god, that’s awful. I guess we watch “Black Mirror” a lot. He only ever wants to watch “Star Wars,” though. 

KN: How did y’all’s families react to each other? 

BC: Pretty good, I’d say. They were very welcoming. 

LK: Same for me. I met his brother “Chuck” and his dog is so cute.

KN: Nice. Now let’s do some fast facts. What are each other’s shoe sizes, birthdays and favorite foods?

BC: Easy money. Eight, Dec. 9, Taco Bell. Let’s go!

LK: Aww. He’s a 13 1/2 shoe size, Mar. 9, and let me think… he doesn’t eat, like, ever!

BC: Look at me, I definitely eat. 

LK: OK fine, Goldfish and Cheez-its. 

KN: Are you going to miss him next year when he goes to college?

LK: Yes, don’t start. I’m going to cry.

(Ben hugs Lily).

KN: OK, we won’t talk about that. Is there anything you want to say to each other before we wrap up?

BC: No. 

LK: Really? You are so mean (jokingly).

BC: I’m kidding. I love you.

LK: Love you too, Squatchy!

KN: Cool! Thanks for sharing and see you around.

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