New Year, New Physics Teacher

(L-R) Freshmen Katie Janko and Brooke Brumfield work on a circuit project for physics class. Photo: Amalia Haviv

As 2019 comes to a close, the science department anticipates the arrival of Dr. Tahseen Kazi. Dr. Kazi will teach Mrs. Korb’s previous three physics classes beginning at the start of the second semester. 

Having been a teacher for 10 years, Dr. Kazi is inspired by investigating how things work in both natural and social settings. She is leaving her job as an assistant professor of international studies at Georgia Southern University to teach at Pace. 

Dr. Kazi earned her Bachelor’s degree in physics and Master’s degree in international relations and affairs from Georgia Tech. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in comparative studies from Ohio State University. She served as a lecturer at Georgia Tech for 7 1/2 years before taking her present position at Georgia Southern.

According to Science Department Chair John Pearson, the department needed someone who would be able to combine the skills taught in the classroom with real world experience, and Dr. Kazi was the perfect fit given her qualifications. Dr. Pearson (believes her “international background and further studies” have given her a broad outlook on which she views physics. “Her students will be impressed by her perspective on the world and her approach to physics,” said Dr. Pearson.  

Dr. Kazi was drawn to Pace because of its strong reputation in science education and mission to prepare citizens of the world. “The faculty’s devotion to high-quality teaching and the students I met clinched things for me,” she said. 

Besides encouraging her students to ponder “how” and “why,” Dr. Kazi is a mother and is passionate about addressing social injustices. She finds joy in writing about international issues such as global inequality. In her free time, she loves to walk around her neighborhood and admire the local murals. 

Freshman Brooke McCullough is a future student of Dr. Kazi’s. “I’m looking forward to having a new teacher, and I think she will be engaging and have a strong connection with our class,” she said.

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