(L-R) Sophomore Pranavh Pradeep and freshman Quincy Downing catch up during a free period. Photo: Aman Hashim

Knightly News: Hey, what’s up Quincy?

Quincy Downing: Sup! How are you?

KN: I’m good, thanks. So, what position do you play for Pace football?

QD: Right now, I play defensive tackle but next year I’m switching to offensive guard. 

KN: Cool. How have you seen the team progress from the first practice in the summer to now?

QD: It’s been a lot. In the summer we were definitely out of shape, didn’t seem like we wanted to be there. Now, though, everyone wants to play for each other. 

KN: As a freshman, has the senior leadership on the team been pretty helpful, and in what ways have you developed as a player?

QD: For sure. Just seeing them in the hallways, saying what’s up to each other, it shows their love. Me as a player, I feel I have gotten faster since the beginning of the year, but I still want to get quicker. 

KN: Is your goal to play in college? If so, what colleges are on your radar?

QD: My goal is definitely to play Division 1. I like SEC schools – Georgia, Alabama – but I’m open to all my options. 

KN: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

QD: Hopefully, in the NFL. That, or a personal trainer. 

KN: That’d be sick! Off the field, do you feel Pace did a good job welcoming you as a new student? How have the teachers helped you?

QD: The teachers are really open to helping. I knew a lot of people coming into Pace like JT (junior Jayden Thomas), so it was easy to find a group. 

KN: What do you do for fun when you’re not playing football?

QD: I like looking at articles, like ESPN articles. I love watching Lamar Jackson, he’s a beast. 

KN: If you could go out with any female in the world who would it be?

QD: Probably, Zendaya.

KN: That’s a good one. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

QD: Um, I’d go with grilled chicken.

KN: Nice! So, what’s it like balancing school work and sports?

QD: At the start of the year it was hard, but now I’ve started talking to the teachers and they understand and help me. 

KN: Back to football. Who’s your favorite or most influential teammate?

QD: Definitely “X” (sophomore Xavier Agostino). He’s my helper on and off the field, especially with English work. 

KN: Alright, who’s the loudest on the team?

QD: (Senior) Will Rehmert. He hypes us up the most. 

KN: Awesome. Thanks and good luck on your football career!

QD: Thanks, man. 

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