Pace Students Join Workforce

Junior Anthony Salazar scans groceries during his shift at Publix. Photo: Sloane Wagreich

As if homework, studying, sports and clubs weren’t enough, a significant number of Pace students are employed at various stores and restaurants around Atlanta. Getting a job allows students to be exposed to various necessary life skills, such as teamwork and time management. Whether it is checking people in at a front desk or tutoring kids, every job provides a sense of the real world and better prepares them for their future.

Junior Anthony Salazar works at Publix on Peachtree Road, assisting customers and helping out throughout the store. Working at Publix allows Salazar to step out of his comfort zone and interact with different people that he would not otherwise have a chance to connect with. “It has helped me talking with strangers which I don’t get to experience at school because I know a lot of the people here,” said Salazar. “I have learned to manage time and only work on weekends so I can still get my work done in time for classes. I also schedule around my extracurriculars so that I have time for running and swimming as well.” 

HomeGoods’ new location in Buckhead is where senior Virginia Heiser spends her time working. “It is really fun because I got to open the store at its grand opening,” said Heiser. “I am definitely one of the youngest people that work there but it is interesting to talk and interact with people older and different than me. Working at this job, I get to talk to people and learn some good skills.” Heiser is friends with all of her coworkers and they love catching up while working. Her hours are flexible and she is able to easily adjust her schedule if needed. “During the school year, my boss is lenient and I can work on weekends,” said Heiser. 

Junior Jack Macrae and senior Nikki Rubin work at Frutta Bowls in Sandy Springs serving popular açai bowls to customers. “I’ve always kind of enjoyed working, like I used to wash the windows and stuff at home, and I also felt like I needed to get money, especially since I started driving, for things like gas,” said Rubin. The environment at her workplace is positive and welcoming. “I have definitely made a lot of friends that I wouldn’t have met otherwise and also people that don’t even work there anymore I still talk to,” said Rubin. 

Also working in Sandy Springs, junior Marc Rosenthal helps tutor math at Mathnasium. According to Rosenthal, he sought an occupation that would provide him with new experiences while aiding others. “My job helps me develop many important skills both in tutoring and in working with younger children in general,” said Rosenthal. While it helps him with outside skills, it also allows him to further his academic career. “Looking at it from the teaching perspective really reinforces the knowledge and gives me a deeper understanding of math as a whole,” he said. 

The list doesn’t end here. Many students at Pace are motivated to step out of the Pace bubble to gain some experience in the outside world. Junior Helena Harris worked at LifeTime Fitness over the summer lifeguarding at the outdoor pool while junior Evan Elster spent his time coaching tennis at the Jewish Community Center of Atlanta. Sophomore Sara Elizabeth Haydon worked as a camp counselor over the summer at Camp Evergreen and sophomore Henry Leusink is employed at Publix at West Paces. 

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