Mrs. Hill Starts New Yoga Business

Mrs. Hill poses in Astavakrasana (eight-angle pose) on the Devil’s Courthouse trail in North Carolina. Photo: Selby Hill

“Yonder is a place that you can see, but have not yet reached,” said English teacher Selby Hill. This definition is the foundation for her new yoga studio, Yonder Yoga. Yonder Yoga opened on Sept. 14 in Westside Village in Northwest Atlanta.

While teaching at a different studio two years ago, Mrs. Hill saw the potential to create a studio not centered around just one passionate yoga teacher. “It was a great business model if the studio was actually run like a business, and had a strong brand behind it that was scalable for growth,” said Mrs. Hill. She has three business partners, and together they are determined to expand and grow their brand. A second location will be opening soon in Buckhead Court on Roswell Rd.

Mrs. Hill is the main force behind the brand. She started practicing yoga six years ago, during a difficult time in her life. Mrs. Hill had quit her job and begun grad school in order to become a teacher. “It was a really scary time in life when a lot of my closest friends and people that I loved were telling me I was making a big mistake,” said Mrs. Hill. “Simultaneously, I was having some back issues and a physical therapist told me to go try yoga.” From that point on, Mrs. Hill fell in love with the practice, as well as with the mental benefits it provided.

“My favorite thing about yoga is that it is a practice and not just something that has an end goal,” said Mrs. Hill. “Yoga is always changing and moving forward.” Mrs. Hill is a physically active person, so she appreciates the physical aspect of yoga as well. “Yoga is still physically challenging, but you leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed as opposed to defeated,” said Mrs. Hill. 

Along with the physical aspect of yoga, there is a large breathing component. “I didn’t realize how much I didn’t breath during the day until I did yoga,” said Mrs. Hill. “Over time, I feel like I can breathe so much deeper.” While breathing is a major part of yoga, she stresses how much more yoga can be. “It is not slow or boring; you are moving, and we play fun music, not spa music,” said Mrs. Hill.

Mrs. Hill encourages students to give yoga a shot. She describes herself as having a type-A personality, and she finds yoga as a great stress reliever. “I love yoga because it occupies my mind on something else,” said Mrs. Hill. “It makes me think of something completely so I can’t focus on what is outside the room.”

 Mrs. Hill teaches at 4:30 p.m. on Mondays and at 6:00 p.m. on Thursdays at the Westside Village location at 2260 Marietta Blvd. There are 21 teachers at the studio. Yonder Yoga offers seven different types of classes, but all are Vinyasa-style yoga, which is flowing movement with regulated breathing. The studio room is kept between 90 and 93 degrees with 60% humidity. For those interested in giving Yonder Yoga a try, the first class is free. 

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