Freshmen Engage With Their Community

(L-R) Freshmen Ben Leach, Janie Cross, Chloe Wilbert and Brooks Nuckols sort clothes at Helping Mamas. Photo: Chloe Libert

On Oct. 16, while seniors took a day off to work on college apps and juniors and sophomores took the PSAT, the freshmen spent a day around Atlanta involved in community engagement.

After a brief assembly in the FAC where seniors Klara Andra-Thomas and Blaise Reyes shared their experiences and thoughts on community engagement, the class of 2020 loaded up onto buses by Transitions groups and spread across Atlanta.

The groups went to the Atlanta Beltline, Bloom Closet, Easter Seals, Helping Mamas, Kashi Atlanta, Slater Elementary School, Sylan Hills Child Development Center, the Women’s Community Kitchen and the Wylde Center.

The group that went to Helping Mamas helped pack baby supplies for new mothers. Freshman Marley Venturi went with her group to Helping Mamas. “It was really fun to organize the supplies and know that I was helping moms in my community,” said Venturi. 

Meanwhile, the freshmen who went to Bloom Closet organized clothes, hung them on racks and moved bins around. “I really enjoyed spending a day with my friends organizing clothes,” said freshman Iowa Vance. “It was nice to spend a day out of the classroom but where I still felt like I was learning.”

Across town, freshman Josie Swain went to Hawk Hollow at the Wylde Nature Center, where she helped clean up the park grounds and spread mulch. “It’s a nice feeling to know that you’re helping someone out, even if it’s in a small way,” said Swain.

At Easter Seals, an organization which provides early development services to families, another group helped load up supplies for the annual Trick or Treat Trot. “We spent the day helping with supplies, but also just learning about the organization and what it does,” said freshman Alex Goodrich. “I had no idea all the stuff they did to help families, and it was really cool to hear about.”

Not only did Community Engagement Day create an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, it also introduced the freshmen to opportunities to participate in community engagement that they can pursue throughout the rest of high school. “Community engagement is a good way to give back,” said Venturi. “This day really showed me all the different ways I can get involved in community engagement and inspired me to continue through the rest of high school.”


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