(L-R) Sophomore twins Giana and Alex Karamanolis spend five minutes talking to the Knightly News staff about what it is like being twins. Photo: Mary Childs Hall

Knightly News: Hi Giana and Alex, how are you two doing today?

Giana Karamanolis: Good, how are you?

KN: I am doing well. Thanks for asking! So, let’s get right into this. How has this school year gone for both of you so far?

GK: Um, it’s been a bit of an adjustment from last year, I think. Sophomore year is just different. But, it’s going…

Alex Karamanolis: It’s not bad for me. 

KN: What is it like being twins?

GK: Very fun.

AK: I mean, it is just like being normal siblings to me. Giana is just like a normal sister to me, except for the fact that we are the same age and in the same grade. 

KN: What is it like having older brothers who are also twins? 

AK: Yeah, Chase and Tase. It definitely makes the house very loud with all four of us running around. But again, it just feels pretty normal. 

KN: So, do you two ever get into fights?

AK: Actually, not really. We get along well. Our brothers don’t really fight, either. 

KN: Who was born first?

AK: I was!

GK: He is very proud of that. He always brings it up. 

KN: By how much?

AK: Uh, just by a minute or so.

KN: What’s it like sharing the same birthday?

GK: I think it’s actually really nice. It’s just double the fun for us being able to celebrate our special day together. 

AK: We don’t really know anything else, so it’s pretty normal. Nothing out of the ordinary.

KN: I know your family is Greek, so what does that mean for you?

GK: It is definitely a beautiful place, and we both love it a lot. We go to this small town called Koroni, and it’s a fishing village. There, everyone knows each other’s names and it is like a whole other home for our family.

AK: It just feels like a community there. It is a big part of our lives because we travel there for at least a month every summer. It is something I always look forward to.

KN: Sounds great! What is your biggest pet peeve about your twin?

AK: (Giggle) She takes way too long to get ready in the morning. I always feel like we are going to be late. 

GK: I guess I just wake up too late in the morning (laughs). I wake up at, like, 7:50 when school is starting. Let’s see about you, good chicken (looks at Alex). I don’t know, but our family always jokes that he should be a lawyer because he loves to argue with all of us. 

AK: Yep, that’s me. 

KN: Who is your parents’ favorite?

AK: Giana is 100%…

GK: No, I don’t think they have favorites!

KN: Why do you say that Alex?

AK: Because she is the only girl in the house besides my mom.

KN: What is your favorite activity to do together?

AK: I have no idea.

GK: Drink water. We have always got our hydroflasks. 

KN: OK, last question. If you two were stuck on an island, and you could only pick one meal to have for the rest of your lives, what would it be?

AK: Oh, let’s see. Well, she’s a vegetarian now, so that is really tough for me (hmm). Let me think about this. I guess pad thai is alright. 

GK: Yeah, pad thai would be a good choice.

KN: Sounds great. Thanks so much for taking five minutes to talk with us!

GK and AK: Of course. See you.

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