Junior Sydney Silverstein and her sister Carly Silverstein ’17 visit a pumpkin patch to celebrate the fall. Photo: Amy Silverstein.

One morning in early October the winds began to blow and temperatures dropped as fall finally descended upon upon Atlanta. Along with the colder weather comes new and old trends alike. Here are the top five:

1. Pumpkin Spice: One popular trend is the emergence of pumpkin spice flavored foods and beverages. Many everyday items like ice cream, granola bars and cereals have a seasonal pumpkin flavor, and other spices such as cinnamon are added as well. Even baking mixes come in pumpkin spice flavor this time of year, which people use to make cookies, brownies and lattes. “Every year my dad makes the best pumpkin bread as soon as fall hits,” said freshman Charlie Fleming. 

2. UGGs: UGGs have been a feminine fashion trend for many years, taking over the Upper School as fall arrives, but now the boys have joined the trend. Boys commonly wear low cut lace-up UGGs. “I was so excited to finally break out my UGG slippers,” said junior Will Brennan. The girls often wear the original, boot-type UGGs. “They are so comfortable, how could you not wear them?” said sophomore Maggie Pope. 

3. Sweatshirts and Letterman Jackets: With the cooler weather, boys typically wear sweatshirts, often representing school sports or college teams, and khaki pants every day to school. Many upperclassmen will wear their letterman jackets on top of their sweatshirts to keep warm and embrace their varsity teams.

4. Flannels: A stylish way to stay warm in the cooler weather, flannels have become a popular item of clothing for high school students. Flannels have a collar, so boys often wear them unbuttoned on top of a non-collared shirt which adheres to the dress code. Girls wear flannel clothing in a variety of different ways, as skirts, sweaters and button ups. “I have seen so many people wearing flannels this fall,” said Pope.

5. Yoga pants: Yoga pants are possibly the most widespread trend across the girls, with many wearing yoga pants to school. Girls usually wear yoga pants with a sweater or sweatshirt on top. “They are so comfortable, and that is why most girls wear them,” said Pope. Being comfortable and warm make yoga pants the perfect thing to wear in the fall for girls and surely gives Lululemon their full pay. 

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