Nikishi Sugawara-Beda demonstrates painting techniques to students on Sept. 5. Photo: Jayla Wideman

Assistant professor of art Nikishi Sugawara-Beda from Southern Methodist University (SMU) paid a visit to Pace this week, presenting to upper school visual art students and demonstrating painting techniques from Japan. She introduced the students to a medium called Sumi, ink made from the ashes of trees in groves closest to Nara and Suzuka. 

Ms. Sugawara-Beda demonstrated its use and brush techniques by painting a Japanese character onto a piece of paper and then instructed the students to do the same. The students gained an in-depth understanding of the usefulness of different brush techniques and mediums, a subject that the professor has done research on in Japan. 

Ms. Sugawara-Beda was born and raised in Japan, and exhibits her art nationally and internationally. 


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