Co-Editors-in-Chief Genna Schwarz and Charlie Hirsch spend time together outside of the newspaper classroom at Pace prom. Photo: Genna Schwarz

KN: Let’s get to it. So, why did you join The Knightly News?

Charlie Hirsch: You go first.

Genna Schwarz: I was in chorus and, well, I’m not a singer, so that was not something that I wanted to do for four years. So I was thinking something like newspaper would help me more with my writing skills and push me harder.

CH: I was in the orchestra and I played cello. I was just really not good at it. I knew I wasn’t having any impact, so I thought writing was a valuable skill, and with it, I thought I might be able to make a difference outside of music. I talked to people on [the staff], and it seemed like a good group, so I applied.

KN: How do you feel about graduation and leaving Pace?

GS: Well, we both have been here for 13 years, so I mean, I’m kind of ready to go, but at the same time, it will also be weird going to a different school when this is the only one I have ever gone to. So I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m just excited to see what happens.

CH: Being at Pace for so long, you definitely get comfortable, and that is a great thing to have, just being able to know your day in and day out. Giving that up is hard, but it’s also super beneficial.

KN: What was your favorite memory at Pace? Anything from pre-first to senior year?

CH: My favorite memory… This interview?

GS: I just can’t think of anything on the spot.

KN: OK, we will come back to that. What is your most embarrassing moment at Pace?

CH: I pooped my pants in seventh grade.

GS: Like calling the teacher mom or dad… That’s not fun.

KN: Have you two had any disagreements in newspaper?

GS: Um, no.

CH: I guess none, I mean we both just chill.

GS: I mean I trust his opinion, so…

KN: Well with that, what is your least favorite part about each other?

GS: He is too sarcastic. Well, it’s kind of funny, but I mean he just roasts everybody. But in a way that comes off as if he is complimenting you and liking what you are saying, but deep down inside he is making fun of you.

CH: You know me well. Well, she procrastinates, but I don’t really care.

GS: Yeah, that doesn’t affect you.

KN: Next question. If you could give each a superlative, what would it be?

GS: Biggest flirt.

CH: Hm…

GS: Friendliest? I got second place for “brightens your day” for the yearbook.

CH: Well with that, I’ll give you an honorary brightens your day because you wanted it badly.

KN: What is your favorite article you have written while on staff?

CH: Juul. Yeah, the Juul one.

KN: Why?

CH: Because I felt like it was the most relevant article I had ever written. Everyone knows about it and everyone is interested, so it had the most response in readership.

GS: The most fun one to write was the Five Minutes with Aaron [Pascanar]. But then, my favorite one to write and the one I was most passionate about was about Covenant House Sleepout because I went to it, and I don’t see any reason why everybody wouldn’t go. So, I just wanted to write about it.

CH: Let me change mine to… Did I interrupt you?

GS: I mean, yes, but it’s fine.

CH: To extended time because of the response and the discussion that came with it.

KN: OK, so do you have any advice for next year’s newspaper and the next co-editors?

GS: Keep it interesting. Every year it changes, because some years we have done exclusively stories, but that can get bland for the staff and the readers. I mean, we started doing podcasts again this year, so I would say to keep up the podcasts, keep up the graphics and don’t let go of those things.

CH: Make use of everyone’s individual talents. We didn’t do this enough, and we kind of just put everyone into the category of writer. But I think that sometimes giving someone only one story to write might be better, so they can focus on whatever other skill they have. Whether it’s videography, photography or drawing. We always have really good writing, that’s what we do, but newspaper is a lot more than that.

KN: Do you have any big summer plans before college?

CH: Going to as many Braves games as possible.

GS: Not going to any Braves games. I’m doing nothing. I guess I just want to be with people before I leave, maybe get a job.

CH: What people? Your friends or strangers?

GS: Strangers. I don’t know.

KN: And lastly, back to earlier, do you have any favorite memories?

CH: Pick up football at Sutton. Actually, no. The PRUMC championship.

GS: I know this isn’t a Pace thing, and teachers don’t love it, but senior spring break.

CH: Actually? Of course you use that one.

GS: We all got along really well, and I think we bonded a lot. There was no fighting and silent disco was really fun.

KN: Well, I guess that’s it. Thank you.

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