McDonald’s Vastly Underestimated

McDonald’s offers a wide variety of delicious foods. Our local restaurant is located at the West Paces Ferry shopping center. Photo: CNBC

While some may underestimate its greatness, there is no doubt that McDonald’s is one of the best fast food restaurants. Its versatility and remarkable customer service is groundbreaking, as its consistency has spread across the globe. Giving the fast food chain a wholistic review, it is without a doubt one of the best overall restaurants I have ever been to.

The breakfast options at McDonald’s must not be overlooked, as they provide some of the most healthy and nutritionally valuable food on the market. Options such as an array of bacon, egg or cheese McMuffins, biscuits, and of course the famous McGriddle, are just a few of the several choices presented to hungry customers in the morning. While their hotcakes are quite delicious, my favorite breakfast item is the bacon, egg and cheese McGriddle accompanied by a hash brown, as it captures the essence of what McDonald’s breakfast is all about.

The lunch and dinner menu is a staple of American culture and is a hallmark of the McDonald’s franchise. Obviously, the crown jewel of this assortment of delicious meals is the Big Mac. Consisting of two burger patties, three sections of bun, as well as several toppings such as onion, lettuce and pickles, the Big Mac is an icon of McDonald’s and has been a huge influencer in the modern fast food burger business.

The combinations, however, do not stop there, as McDonald’s burger menu is nearly boundless. One can purchase almost any kind of burger they can conceive, as their toppings and sizes vary, allowing for people from children to adults to enjoy the complexities of the art of burger making.

The famous restaurant also includes a fine assortment of chicken sandwiches, as well as chicken nuggets, which nearly rival the Big Mac in both fame and overall taste. The lunch and dinner options would not be complete without the grandeur of their french fries. I have consumed countless different french fries from multiple different restaurants, and have found time and again that the fries at McDonald’s are superior in all facets.

The customer service is like no other, as the employees are always ecstatic to be working at such a prestigious restaurant. Never once have I received an order that was not what I had requested, as the employees are intent listeners who care deeply about making sure my order is correct. In particular, the McDonald’s at West Paces Ferry has renowned customer service.

For years, the restaurant’s McFlurry machine has been broken, but the employees have been working tirelessly to fix this pressing issue. Overall, taking into account the food, customer service, the ambiance, and of course the play pen included in most restaurants, McDonald’s is easily the best restaurant in the fast food industry.

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