Flower Child’s inspiration wall is the first thing you see after placing your order. Photo: Eden Kerker

Looking for a restaurant where you leave feeling healthy instead of overfull and gross? Not even a year old, Flower Child has gained a credible reputation for their positive vibes and health-conscious menu. Like Upbeet on Howell Mill Road, Flower Child’s menu focuses on grain, protein, vegetable bowls, wraps and salads – except it’s a lot closer to Pace. Located at Shops Around Lenox, it’s an easy 2.9 miles away from school and a great casual spot if you are in the area.

Whether you’re vegan, paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian or just hungry, Flower Child uses local farm-fresh ingredients to make every dish entirely from scratch to cater to whatever you are craving. Sam Fox is the founder and CEO of Fox Restaurant Concepts and the inspiration behind the Flower Child brand. “Happy, healthy and flavorful should always go hand-in-hand,” he said in an article in Patch.com. “Our wellness-conscious guests care about the food they eat, how it tastes and that it is served with a smile. Flower Child’s combination of good vibes and delicious food has made it a destination that guests seek out on the West Coast. Now, we’re looking forward to [introducing it to] the Atlanta area.”

Not only is the food both pleasing to the eye and the stomach, the restaurant itself has a lively aesthetic. When you walk up to the restaurant, you are greeted by green walls, a lovely bright patio and a sign that reads “Healthy Food for a Happy World.”

The cheerful aesthetic continues as you walk in. Customers entering see a raw look with rustic fixtures, white brick, wood and a color scheme of green, white, black and blue. After immediately placing your order at the counter, you have the choice of sitting at a marble table with couch seating, a wood table with wicker seating or the combination of your choice. With flourishing plants, simple paintings and their iconic, inspiring and colorful wall that reads “Choose Happy,” you are content even before you get your meal.

Once your food arrives with quick service, the food looks so fresh and appetizing; it has commonly been called “Instagram-worthy, #PhoneEatsFirst.” And the food may be filling, but you leave happy. They also offer a refreshing beverage selection with Atlanta-made Golda Kombucha, local beer on tap, a selection of wine and a variety of Flower Child’s seasonal fresh lemonades.

With Chick-fil-A, Willy’s and OK Cafe so close, Pace students and faculty often explore these same restaurants. But Flower Child can be a great substitute or addition to the routine restaurants. If you don’t want a leafy, nutritious meal and just want the positive vibe, they also offer gluten-free mac and cheese, which is very popular.

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