Dra. Pontes earned her undergraduate degree in her home country of Brazil, then earned her master’s degree at the University of Georgia. Photo: Eden Kerker

Although a number of seniors already know where they’re going to college next year, many are still awaiting acceptances and making decisions about their next move. Teachers could be a great resource for students who are curious about their undergraduate experiences, so The Knightly News has compiled a list of faculty members and where they received their degrees. The following teachers work in the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School building and/or give a grade to students. 

Sra. Agront-Hobbs: University of Alabama

Mrs. Ambler: University of Georgia

Ms. Anderson: University of Southern Africa

Mr. Assaf: University of Virginia

Mr. Ball: Georgia State University

Dr. Ballard: University of Georgia

Ms. Barbakow: University of Georgia

Mr. Bloodworth: Albany State University

Mrs. Brown: University of Virginia

Ms. Brubaker: Hanover College

Mr. Bryan: University of Kentucky

Mr. Bryant: Georgia Institute of Technology

Mr. Callahan: Cleveland State University

Dr. Carter: Wellesley College

Coach Clement: Florida State University

Mrs. Conroy: University of Maryland

Mr. DeRosa: Georgia Institute of Technology

Mr. Dorman: University of South Florida, University of North Florida

Dr. Doyle: University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Dupree: Sewanee: The University of the South

Mrs. Durlin: Emory University

Mrs. Eagleson: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Mrs. Eden: Princeton University

Mr. Ewing: Presbyterian College

Mr. Ferrell: Centenary College of Louisiana 

Mr. Gannon: Brown University

Ms. Goodstadt: University of New Hampshire

Dr. Haizlip: Ohio State University

Mr. Hamburger: University of Iowa

Mrs. Harris: The University of Texas at Austin

Mrs. Hathorn: University of Notre Dame

Mr. Hornor: University of Rochester

Ms. Jordan: University of Georgia

Mrs. Kann: University of Virginia

Mr. Kaufman: Brown University

Mr. Knott: Kansas City Art Institute

Mrs. Korb: Washington University in St. Louis

Ms. Lattouf: Emory University

Sra. Lewis: Vanderbilt University

Ms. Marable: Florida A & M University

Mr. Marsico: Berry College

Mr. Matanes: Georgetown University

Mr. McCallum: Sewanee: The University of the South

Dr. McCloskey: Princeton University

Ms. McCrary: University of Phoenix

Mrs. McGurn: Butler University

Ms. McNicholas: University of Georgia

Mrs. Memar: Vanderbilt University

Ms. Merritt: University of Georgia

Dr. Moss: Purdue University

Mr. Neely: State University of New York at Fredonia

Mr. Newman: Guilford College

Dr. Pearson: Dartmouth College

Ms. Pence: Denison University

Mr. Player: Furman University

Dra. Pontes: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Ms. Riley: Kenyon College

Ms. Robinson: Birmingham-Southern College

Mr. Sargent: Georgia Institute of Technology

Ms. Helen Smith: Cornell College

Mr. Smith: University of Alabama

Mrs. Ryann Smith: University of Florida

Mr. Smentek: Wake Forest University

Ms. Snyder: Georgia Institute of Technology

Mr. Sokolsky: Fredonia State University

Mr. Stevens: Johns Hopkins University

Ms. Stevens: Swarthmore College

Mrs. Tarvin: University of Alabama

Ms. Teague: Georgia State University

Mrs. Terry:  University of Virginia

Ms. Tuttle: University of Georgia

Mr. Vihlen: Savannah College of Art and Design

Mr. Jack Walker: University of Georgia

Mr. Matt Walker: University of Rochester

Mrs. Wallace: Shorter College

Dr. Walter: Emory University

Mrs. Washburn: Duke University

Mr. Wescott: Roanoke College

Mr. Whyte: Williams College

Mrs. Wilhelmsen: Bowdoin College

Ms. Williams: Oberlin College

Ms. Wilson: Wake Forest University

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