Check Out Where Your Teachers Earned Their Undergraduate Degrees

Dra. Pontes earned her undergraduate degree in her home country of Brazil, then earned her master’s degree at the University of Georgia. Photo: Eden Kerker

Although a number of seniors already know where they’re going to college next year, many are still awaiting acceptances and making decisions about their next move. Teachers could be a great resource for students who are curious about their undergraduate experiences, so The Knightly News has compiled a list of faculty members and where they received their degrees. The following teachers work in the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School building and/or give a grade to students. 

Sra. Agront-Hobbs: University of Alabama

Mrs. Ambler: University of Georgia

Ms. Anderson: University of Southern Africa

Mr. Assaf: University of Virginia

Mr. Ball: Georgia State University

Dr. Ballard: University of Georgia

Ms. Barbakow: University of Georgia

Mr. Bloodworth: Albany State University

Mrs. Brown: University of Virginia

Ms. Brubaker: Hanover College

Mr. Bryan: University of Kentucky

Mr. Bryant: Georgia Institute of Technology

Mr. Callahan: Cleveland State University

Dr. Carter: Wellesley College

Coach Clement: Florida State University

Mrs. Conroy: University of Maryland

Mr. DeRosa: Georgia Institute of Technology

Mr. Dorman: University of South Florida, University of North Florida

Dr. Doyle: University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Dupree: Sewanee: The University of the South

Mrs. Durlin: Emory University

Mrs. Eagleson: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Mrs. Eden: Princeton University

Mr. Ewing: Presbyterian College

Mr. Ferrell: Centenary College of Louisiana 

Mr. Gannon: Brown University

Ms. Goodstadt: University of New Hampshire

Dr. Haizlip: Ohio State University

Mr. Hamburger: University of Iowa

Mrs. Harris: The University of Texas at Austin

Mrs. Hathorn: University of Notre Dame

Mr. Hornor: University of Rochester

Ms. Jordan: University of Georgia

Mrs. Kann: University of Virginia

Mr. Kaufman: Brown University

Mr. Knott: Kansas City Art Institute

Mrs. Korb: Washington University in St. Louis

Ms. Lattouf: Emory University

Sra. Lewis: Vanderbilt University

Ms. Marable: Florida A & M University

Mr. Marsico: Berry College

Mr. Matanes: Georgetown University

Mr. McCallum: Sewanee: The University of the South

Dr. McCloskey: Princeton University

Ms. McCrary: University of Phoenix

Mrs. McGurn: Butler University

Ms. McNicholas: University of Georgia

Mrs. Memar: Vanderbilt University

Ms. Merritt: University of Georgia

Dr. Moss: Purdue University

Mr. Neely: State University of New York at Fredonia

Mr. Newman: Guilford College

Dr. Pearson: Dartmouth College

Ms. Pence: Denison University

Mr. Player: Furman University

Dra. Pontes: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Ms. Riley: Kenyon College

Ms. Robinson: Birmingham-Southern College

Mr. Sargent: Georgia Institute of Technology

Ms. Helen Smith: Cornell College

Mr. Smith: University of Alabama

Mrs. Ryann Smith: University of Florida

Mr. Smentek: Wake Forest University

Ms. Snyder: Georgia Institute of Technology

Mr. Sokolsky: Fredonia State University

Mr. Stevens: Johns Hopkins University

Ms. Stevens: Swarthmore College

Mrs. Tarvin: University of Alabama

Ms. Teague: Georgia State University

Mrs. Terry:  University of Virginia

Ms. Tuttle: University of Georgia

Mr. Vihlen: Savannah College of Art and Design

Mr. Jack Walker: University of Georgia

Mr. Matt Walker: University of Rochester

Mrs. Wallace: Shorter College

Dr. Walter: Emory University

Mrs. Washburn: Duke University

Mr. Wescott: Roanoke College

Mr. Whyte: Williams College

Mrs. Wilhelmsen: Bowdoin College

Ms. Williams: Oberlin College

Ms. Wilson: Wake Forest University

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