This year’s featured Valentine’s Day couple can be found sharing the big chairs in the Seaman Family Student Commons. Photo: Charlie Hirsch

Knightly News: Charlie, Luisa, thanks for sitting down with me.

Luisa Whitney: Of course.

Charlie Kaye: Sure, man.

KN: Let’s get into it, shall we? How long have you guys been dating?

CK: Four months.

LW: [noticeably perturbed] Eight months tomorrow. Charlie, if you’re going to be like that, then we aren’t going to do this. He knows it’s eight months.

KN: Oh, happy monthaversary! How did you guys first meet?

LW: We have been at Pace together since fourth grade, but we didn’t talk to each other ‘til junior prom. [turns to Charlie] You’re like a completely different person now.

CK: Yeah, she wouldn’t talk to me for years.

LW: No, he wouldn’t talk to me. He was scared of me and wouldn’t say hi.

KN: OK, let’s agree that you both wouldn’t talk to each other. So, why did you want to start dating?

LW: He was nice to me. He’s like the nicest guy and he’s handsome.

CK: She’s pretty. She’s talkative.

LW: We both swam and we could connect on that. I respect him for his dedication. I think it’s hot because he always wins races.

KN: How is being on the swim team as a couple?

LW: It’s lit. I always watch him and count his races. We just talk to each other. He comes over and claps for me as I finish my races.

CK: You know, it’s good, because usually, swimming is pretty boring, but it gives me someone to talk to.

KN: That’s sweet. Now let’s get a little deeper. When did you fall in love?

LW: I remember the exact moment. It was a month after we started dating. It was when he said he said he liked me for me, and not because of other things or just using me.

CK: Just kinda happened you know, it was just gradual. I was just thinking about it that day and was like, yeah.

KN: OK, so what’s your favorite trait about each other, like character trait?

CK: She loves me and gives me attention.

KN: Isn’t that selfish?

CK: OK, take that out.

LW: I really admire his dedication to swimming. It shows maturity because he has to miss out on things with friends and with me because of it. It’s not really just his dedication to swimming that I love, it’s his dedication.

CK: [shrugs]

KN: OK, Charlie, we will give you another chance at that one later. What was your first date like, and how did you ask her out?

CK: We went to Storico Fresco. I didn’t ask her out. We just started dating, kind of, then we were like, oh, we should go to dinner. Kayla Ross’ and Joelle Zelony’s moms were next to us.

LW: [To Charlie] Do you remember what you ordered?

CK: I think it was just a salad. I would just stop eating and look at her eat and she’d get really uncomfortable.

LW: Yeah, but now when he does it, I don’t care.

KN: Isn’t that a sign of growth?

LW: I guess. I’m not as worried about what I do around him now than I used to be. [in a high-pitched voice] Because he’s my best friend! [kisses him on cheek]

KN: OK, then, which was your favorite date?

CK: We don’t go on that many dates. Like, eating dates?

KN: Um, sure.

CK: I’d say, hmm, so many good ones. [Luisa rolls eyes] Eating at Veruni.

KN: Why was it your favorite?

CK: Cuz, you know, I think we bonded very well. It’s like her favorite pizza place, and she liked the food. There was a guy behind some glass staring at me, so we left.

LW: Mine is either when we went to Bell Street Burrito, or for our six month anniversary we went to Eclipse di Luna. I was mad at him because he was supposed to reserve Storico Fresco and he forgot, but we had a good dinner. It hurt our stomachs so bad after.

KN: Why was it your favorite even though it hurt?

LW: We were having good conversation, just getting weak (at each other).

CK: Oh, yeah, and those people next to us were on a blind date.

KN: Alright, what did you guys get each other for Christmas?

LW: He got me a True Grit and a Hydro Flask filled with (my favorite candy) Now and Laters.

CK: Her favorite candy and her favorite colors.

LW: I got him a Patagonia sweatshirt…

CK: [interrupts] and Joe Mix.

LW: Ah, and a [Cincinnati Bengals running back] Joe Mixon jersey because that’s his favorite fantasy player.

KN: Before we leave, let’s play fast facts. Give me: most attractive feature, shoe size, birth date of your significant other. Go!

CK: Eyes, 8.5, Jan. 5th.

LW: Smile and laugh, 12, April 19th. My grandpa likes to talk about how Charlie has smaller feet than him. It’s their little competition.

KN: Well done, guys.

LW: [To Charlie] I’m so mad at you. Find out your favorite trait about me. It hurts my feelings.

CK: OK, here goes. I like that she just makes me feel comfortable and I can just express what I’m feeling and she’s always there for me and she just makes me feel good being around her.

LW: Better than his first answer.

KN: Nailed it, Kaye. Thanks for talking to me, guys.

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