Chilton Tolliver Is surrounded by Pace fan girls who are begging him to be their Valentine. Photo: Genna Schwarz

Imagine this: you’re sitting across from Pace Academy’s most eligible bachelor while eating the Cheesecake Factory’s delicate Oreo Dream Extreme. The aspiring rapper, professional NFL player, game designer, wealthy investor and business executive across the table from you compliments your mind and beautiful personality.

You then continue the dream date at the movies, cuddling with and resting in the arms of the strong, athletic “superhero,” as he whispers “hey, baby” in your ear. Romantic, right? If this sounds appealing to you, then maybe consider giving senior Chilton Tolliver a chance this Valentine’s Day.

The 6’0 offensive center is more than just an average football player. He is a hard worker in the training room, an avid food enthusiast and an anime lover. “I love a female who LOVES to watch anime,” said Tolliver. “You can have mystery, action, fighting, comedy, storytelling and even romance. On the weekend, if I were to bring my female friends over or vice versa, I would love to watch anime with my ladies. You can call it ‘Anime ‘n Chill’ with Chil. Get it?”

In addition to his many interests, the young stud has many emotional layers to him. “I might look like a big ole mean football player, but in all reality, I am willing to make friends with literally anyone,” said Tolliver. “I could not know you one day, say hello, and the next day we could be best friends, and that’s onna deadloccs.”

Disregarding the race, shape or size of a woman, Tolliver identifies beauty as having a fun, candid personality. “I look for a girl who has a big… I’m just kidding,” he said. After his initial facetious commentary, he revealed that the most important characteristics a woman should possess are drive and ambition.

“My female has to have all of her badges, and all of them have to be Hall of Fame,” he said. “She has to have the best build in the game, but like I said, I love all women, because all women have their own beauty. I don’t believe in an ugly female, but they have to have all of their badges and attributes upgraded, simple.”

If you are interested in getting to know the most eligible bachelor better, listen to the song “Digits” by Young Thug. Tolliver’s obsession with Young Thug, also known as King Slime, Thugger Thugger or Jeffery, led him to conclude that “Digits” is the most accurate song to describe his life. “It’s my theme song because I am always chasing and securing the bag, and in 2019, we got to run up them digits and run up that money,” he said.

Tolliver is not just looking to help out ladies with his caring and outgoing personality, but also help the men of the Academy win over their crushes. “I really do not like giving away free sauce,” he said. “However, I think I could help some of y’all boys out with the pickup line, ‘is your name Wi-Fi? Because I’m really feeling a connection,'”

“Get females, get money,” the phrase Chilton Tolliver lives by, will surely lead him to achieve all his future successes. “Let’s face it, in the next 10 years I am going to be rich,” he said. “Females, if you want that rich type of lifestyle, you’d better hop on me now before it’s too late and that’s on the deadloccs. I am happy, hard working and currently living my best life, so if you want an awesome friend that will care for you, you know who to look for, simple.”

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