Senior Lily Wagoner, president of Miracle Knights, puts up a poster to spread awareness about the upcoming dance marathon on Feb. 2. Photo: Jamie Kornheiser

Dance marathons are events in which participants dance or remain on their feet for an extended period of time in order to raise money for a certain cause. On Feb. 2 from 3-8 p.m., Miracle Knights is hosting its own dance marathon in Boyd Gym to raise money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. 

The dance marathon at Pace will be a four-hour event, with different fundraising activities throughout. Senior and president of Miracle Knights Lily Wagoner has worked with many others to organize and plan the event to make sure it’s a fun experience for everyone who attends.

“We are in an environment where we are really fortunate,” said Wagoner. “We get to go to school, we get to play sports, we get to do arts and all this other great stuff and the children at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta don’t have the opportunity to do that because they are sick and stuck in a hospital room.”

Executive vice president of recruitment Molly Buffenbarger believes this dance marathon is unique because it is completely student driven and bears a true sense of community. “As part of the Atlanta community, it is our duty to aid the children at the hospital,” said Buffenbarger. “This dance marathon is for getting up and dancing for the too many children who cannot.”

Kendall Willis, technology chair for Miracle Knights, wants to get people involved in order to show support for the battle against cancer. “It’s important to donate your time because not only is it raising money for childhood cancer, but it is also demonstrating to others that you are willing to stand up to childhood cancer and want it to end.”

The Miracle Knights’ first dance marathon at Pace, held in November 2017, raised over $5,000 for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. For more information about the event on Feb. 2, contact Wagoner.

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