(L-R) Jason Rosenbloum, Matthew Quintana and Alex Allen enjoy the short film ‘Lava’ during Disney Club on Oct. 16.

Pace’s upper school club fair gives students the opportunity to form unique groups around specific activities. Each year, students create new clubs and carry on the legacy of old ones. Clubs like KnightFlix and Student Ambassadors are well known, but new additions of lesser known clubs have allowed students to express more uncommon interest, creating a variety of clubs for everyone. 

The Disney club is the hidden gem of Pace Academy. Founded in 2016, it is sponsored by Spanish teacher Dra. Paula Pontes and allows students to relax by watching Disney movies and singing Disney songs. Dra. Pontes, who has been to Disney World and Disneyland a combined 74 times, says the purpose of the club is to calm down and escape from the stress of school. “Sometimes we are so stressed out and that is why I even like to incorporate Disney in the classroom,” said Dra. Pontes. “I feel like it cheers me up and cheers other people up, too.” One of the student leaders of the club, Jason Rosenbloum, has been to Disney 27 times. He enjoys the club because it gives him the chance to both express and explore his love of Disney. “I have had a love for Disney since I was young, and I feel like this lets me express my interest to everyone in the club,” said Rosenbloum.  

Not interested in Disney? Do not stress. This year, senior Brogan Smith and junior Jimbo Smith founded the fishing club. This club meets a couple of times a month for an afternoon of fishing at Blaylock Lakes. Both Jimbo and Brogan love to fish, and they decided to create this club to share their enjoyment with anyone interested. “I strongly believe that everyone should get outdoors and participate in activities, and fishing is a fun and easy way to do this,” said Jimbo. “It teaches patience and lots about the outdoors.”

Juniors Allie Appel, Nikki Ruben and Sydney Thomas, along with senior Alex Allen, created the dance club in order for students to have a fun way to learn a new form of communication. Although the club leaders are still working out all of the details, they plan to meet about twice a month. A variety of dance styles will be explored in order to give club members a vast knowledge of dancing techniques. “Dancing is an amazing art form that communicates a whole different dimension to storytelling,” said Appel. “It is a fun way to express emotion and be active.”

Dance club sponsor, history teacher Caitlin Terry, completely agrees with Appel. “I think dance is an incredible art, representative of culture, and it is important for freedom of self-expression,” said Mrs. Terry. “Being a historian, looking outside of written narrative is important to me, and so supporting a group that engages in self-expression and cultural diversity was a no-brainer.”

Pace has many more clubs that all offer unique opportunities, and Student Council has a list of them. Contact senior Abigail Lund or the club leaders to get more information.