Student Body President Gillian Weitzner hangs a sign for Food Truck Friday in the Commons. Photo: Genna Schwarz

Knightly News: Good morning, Gillian!

Gillian Weitzner: Good morning!

KN: How long have you been a student at Pace?

GW: This is my 13th year. I can’t believe it!

KN: What’s your favorite class this year?

GW: My favorite class is definitely AP Computer Science A.

KN: Why? What do you like about it?

GW: I enjoy it because I’ve never taken another class like it. It’s a class that’s new, fresh and interesting, and I would definitely recommend it to all of the sophomores and juniors.

KN: What made you want to be a part of the Student Council since ninth grade?

GW: I just really like to help the grade get organized and spirited. It’s something I’ve always been passionate about and Student Council gives me the opportunity to be involved.

KN: What does the Student Council, and more specifically you, want to accomplish this year?

GW: We want to be new and innovative. Our goal is to bring new events and ideas in order to make this year the best for not only our senior class but for all other grades.

KN: Can you give a specific example of one of these events or ideas?

GW: Incorporating a team challenge into GAP Day and bring food trucks for just seniors.

KN: What’s your favorite Pace memory?

GW: If I had to choose one memory from all 13 years, I would definitely pick being a candle in the Holiday Program. A more recent favorite memory would be dancing while Ellie Duncan sang at Cabaret in ninth grade.  

KN: What’s your most embarrassing Pace memory?

GW: One time I sang in lunchtime concert and I got so scared I forgot the words, paused and just ran away. It was horrible!

KN: Do you have any secret talents other than dancing that most people don’t know about?

GW: I can arm fart and leg fart. It’s weird, but I’m actually good at it.

KN: If you could change one thing about Pace, what would it be?

GW: Making Pace feel more “family-esque” is definitely one thing I’d like to change.

KN: What do you mean by “family-esque?”

GW: You know, sometimes people are often guarded or off to themselves and oftentimes people are separated into different types of groups. I’d love to be more of a community.

KN: Anything else you’d like to say before we wrap this up?

GW: I just want to create a more relaxing environment for the seniors. They are really stressed with colleges and schoolwork, and it’s my job to help them. Music in the Commons and fun activities to look forward to every week should aid in relieving stress.

KN: OK, that’s it. Thank you for your time, Gillian!

GW: No Problem!