Ms. Brubaker reminisces on her time she spent in Brazil and is eager to go back. Photo: Kacy Brubaker

Pace teachers will most likely be grading students’ exams after students have already begun their summer break. For the entire school year, the faculty has been diligently working inside and outside the classroom. But once grades are turned in on May 30, they will finally get their well deserved break.

Many teachers will be venturing across the globe on Isdell Center for Global Leadership study tours, whereas others will be traveling throughout the states to gather with family and friends. Many will enjoy their break by relaxing in Atlanta.

History teacher Caitlin Terry will be busy this summer traveling with family and friends, along with enjoying her time in Atlanta. “My summer is book-ended with weddings because it’s that season where many of my friends are getting married,” said Mrs. Terry. She also will be occupied with planning for her new elective history course on propaganda. Mrs. Terry is eager to visit her hometown in Virginia and her husband’s hometown in Arkansas.

Sophomore dean Grady Stevens is also set to tour the states this summer. “I am doing a quick trip to Texas, a place I’ve never been, and then I’ll go out to Denver to go hiking with my brother,” said Mr. Stevens. In addition, he will be heading to Boston to take graduate school courses at Harvard University.

Sophomore chemistry teacher Melody Walter is another teacher who plans to enjoy nature this summer. “My husband and I, along with some of our friends, will be going on a National Park expedition to tour Yosemite National Park and Boise National Forest,” said Dr. Walter. In addition, Dr. Walter will spend time helping two Pace students who are participating in Young Dogs, a summer research program at the University of Georgia.

Freshman dean and math teacher Krista Wilhelmson will be traveling to Greenville, South Carolina to enjoy some time at the lake with her parents, sister and nephews. Upon her return, she will be busy with a home improvement project. “My kids are going to their first overnight camp at UGA, so I plan to paint their bedrooms the Atlanta United colors or I’ll be in the car going to pick them up if they freak out and can’t handle it,” she joked. The family also wants to squeeze in time to visit Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park.

Upper school math teacher Matthew Marsico is taking a cruise to New England and Canada. His whole family, including his sons, wife, parents, siblings and their spouses will be accompanying him on the cruise.

Spanish teacher Laura Agront-Hobbs is spending some of her summer in Costa Rica, one of her favorite countries to visit. “I enjoy exploring the sites in Costa Rica and their culture,” said Mrs. Agront-Hobbs. “I’m going to be seeing the volcanoes, zipline, relax at the beach and tour the rainforests all with my family.”

Lower and upper school counselor Kacy Brubaker has an adventurous summer planned. She will be a chaperone for the ICGL study tour to Brazil along with head basketball coach Demetrius Smith. “I used to live in Brazil where I taught English classes and did a lot of community development, which is what this trip will entail,” she said. “I’m really excited to bridge my two worlds with the students.”

Once she returns, she will head to Cuba and study Spanish and the Cuban culture for the rest of June. Ms. Brubaker will then visit a friend who recently moved to Alaska, in addition to spending some time at the beach with family.