Students Make Summer Plans

(L-R) Juniors Siofra Casey, Holland Carlton, Emily Pulver and Margaret Bethel enjoy the lake. Photo: Holland Carlton

The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. With the school year winding down (and now over for the seniors), students in the Pace community are already thinking about the joys that accompany the advent of summer. Although final exams still loom ahead, students are still jubilant thinking about the free time they will soon have with their days unoccupied by school.

Some students plan to go on exciting and adventurous ICGL trips this summer. Students will enjoy trips to Peru, India, Brazil, London, and Ghana and Botswana. “I am so excited to see the historic university and learn from world class scholars,” said junior and London and Cambridge study tour attendee Jeremy Levin. “I’m also excited to spend some time in London and see the London Eye.”

Other students plan to spend time at the lake or work on their tans at the beach. “I plan to make the most out of my summer by relaxing at my beach house with my friends,” said junior Luisa Whitney. Some students will enjoy more tropical waters like the Bahamas or Costa Rica.

The free time of the summer will also be an optimal space for competitive athletes at Pace wanting to play at the next level. Prospect camps for college level athletes will be held across the country for all types of sports, including but not limited to, football, basketball, lacrosse and baseball.

“I am going up to Maryland for a lacrosse showcase in June and I’m hoping to receive an offer from Rutgers University,” said freshman Evan Karetsos. While some athletes go to camps to get recruited, others will be attending local camps just as an entertaining activity to stay in shape during their off-seasons.  

Some students plan to make the most of their free time during the summer with community service and summer jobs. Entrepreneur and maintenance expert, junior Brogan Smith has started his own business for the summer months. He and several of his business associates will be providing a wide variety of services including mowing lawns, cleaning up yards and hauling junk. “We are a group of hardworking individuals that are not afraid to get our hands dirty,” said Smith. “We will stop at nothing to get the job done.”

Other students will be participating in more service-based activities during the summer. Several of the members of the lacrosse team will be hosting a week-long camp for kids from the Agape Youth and Family center, to teach them the joys of the sport.