Mrs. Hall works with former student Alexandra Baker in her office. Photo: Blair Myers

The Pace community will greatly miss physics and  chemistry teacher Julie Hall, who will leave at the end of this school year. Mrs. Hall graduated from Georgia Tech and has been teaching at Pace since 2001. She is known for her thoughtful, methodical teaching style, her Rube Goldberg machine minimester class and her annual Halloween chemistry class.

Throughout her time at Pace, in addition to teaching science, Mrs. Hall has gotten involved in many different aspects of student life. She has been involved with the swim team through the role of team manager, and is one of the founding leaders of Pace’s INSTEAD program, which helps students seeking help for themselves or a peer with alcohol and other substance abuse concerns. “INSTEAD has been a really great way to support the community,” said Mrs. Hall. “I’m really proud of some of the work that we’ve done with individual students.”

In previous years, she was the faculty adviser for the Film Society, which was a group of students who met every Friday afternoon to watch noteworthy films and discuss them. This club was her way of sharing her passion of film analysis with students who expressed the same interest.

One especially memorable aspect of Mrs. Hall’s time at Pace is her celebrated Halloween chemistry class. Every year, she has covered all of the windows and the door with black paper, and performed a series of chemistry experiments complete with neon colors and mini explosions for her students. “I’ve been doing [the Halloween class] for 16 years now,” said Mrs. Hall. “The very first time I did Halloween, I invited Mike Murphy, who was headmaster at the time, to come and watch.”

Although Mrs. Hall is looking forward to her future plans, she will miss the Pace community and students tremendously next year. “I will miss some of the really amazing students I’ve worked with, and will miss being there when they get super excited about something and want to come talk to me about astrophysics or how a car engine works,” said Mrs. Hall. She will also miss working with her colleagues in the science department, and the collaborations on labs for the students and classes in general.

Science department chair John Pearson will especially miss working with Mrs. Hall. He noted just how much work she did with regard to the freshman lab projects behind the scenes, and how smoothly they run every year because of her. “We are definitely going to miss her so much,” said Dr. Pearson. “She has been a big part of this community and this department and we are really going to miss that.”

Next year, Mrs. Hall will teach at the Atlanta Girls School, just minutes away from Pace. She is not only excited about the new environment and school, but she is also looking forward to spending more time at the Buckhead restaurant that she and husband Chris Hall own, Local Three. “The big perk is, I am now walking distance from my restaurant,” said Mrs. Hall.