Co-Editors-in-Chief Michael Simon and Amy Butler have fun at Pace prom. Photo: Jane Butler

Knightly News: Let’s get right to it. How does it feel to be leaving Pace?

Amy Butler: It feels really weird because it has gone by so fast. I’m sad to leave all my friends and teachers, but I’m prepared for what’s to come.

Michael Simon: I totally agree with what Amy said. I’m definitely ready for college, but not ready to leave my friends.

KN: Why did you join Newspaper?

MS: I was pressured into it by Dori Greenberg [’16]. So glad I joined, though.

AB: I wanted to improve my writing skills. I also wanted to do something different that interested me besides the normal courses Pace provides.

MS: Don’t slap me Amy!

KN: What are you going to miss most about Pace?

AB: I really appreciate the close student-teacher relationships. I’m always comfortable asking them questions.

MS: I’ll miss getting injured… That was fun. No seriously, I’ll miss the overall tight-knit community. I love that about Pace.

KN: Tough question here, take your time. What is your most embarrassing moment at Pace?

AB: Every time I took the Pacer Test in lower and middle school I would throw up. It was horrible and disgusting.

MS: I have nothing… Gosh I hate this question. I wish I had some embarrassing memory to talk about.

KN: Here’s a good one. What is the most attractive thing about your co-editor?

MS: I like her lovely and non-obnoxious laugh.

AB: What? Was that sarcastic?

MS: Sometimes in Spanish it gets obnoxious; you just have a certain cackle.

KN: Amy, what about Michael? Do you like his laugh?

MS: My laugh is cool. Stop slapping me!

AB: He just doesn’t respond to me. It’s so annoying. I’ll ask him a question and he’ll just look away.

KN: If you could give each other a superlative, what would it be?

MS: I would give Amy Mrs. Pace.

KN: What’s the biggest disagreement you guys have had?

AB: We’ve had so many I can’t remember one specific time.

MS: I feel like none of them were ever a big deal, though.

KN: Are they usually just left unresolved?

AB: Uh, I don’t really know. I feel like they get resolved. I mean, I guess we just disagreed about my laugh. That was mean.

KN: Besides the things you’ve already said, what is your least favorite part about each other?

MS: My least favorite part about Amy is how she acts in an argument. When she is in an argument she is either right up in your face, or she’s wrong but is too stubborn to admit it.

AB: Mine is definitely when he thinks he’s a better co-editor than me. Which is not true at all. I’m way better!

KN: What’s the best April Fools article you’ve written?

MS: Five Minutes with Chuck Stone is the best by far.

KN: What is the funniest memory you have involving a teacher?

AB: I loved when Mr. Whyte kicked Ben Bernstein out of his class.

MS: In Middle School, I told Mr. Heacock to shut up without thinking. He said, “Michael, shut up I’m teaching.” I responded by slamming my desk and yelling, “No, you shut up!” It was really awkward and he just looked at me really uncomfortably. I did not know how to react to what I did.

KN: You two were co-editors for the paper which won the Georgia Scholastic Press Association’s General Excellence Award. Do you have any advice for the new co-editors-in-chief, yours truly?

AB: You need to take control of the class and make sure you help everyone who has questions.

MS: Yes, definitely do that. Also, make sure everybody gets their articles in on time. We’ve been very lucky this year and have never had to come in on the weekend. If you get the articles in and do layout fast then you will have a successful year.

KN: Great advice. Well, we’re done. Thank you for talking with us!

AB: No problem.

MS: Bye!