Senior Alex Tolliday hangs up her award-winning photo for her montage.
Photo: Sydnie Jiang

For the past year, dedicated seniors have been working hard on their artwork, and they’ve had the chance to showcase their pieces in the week-long Advanced Studio Art and Independent Art Exhibit that began on April 23. Students in Advanced Studio Art have to experiment with different mediums, whether that be painting or sculpture or pottery. In other terms, it’s more like an AP class because they are required to use a variety of art forms in order to complete the class.

Independent Art students, on the contrary, are more focused on one form of art, like photography for example. Senior Alex Tolliday has spent her entire high school art career taking photography, learning invaluable skills from photography teacher France Dorman. “I’ve learned a lot of different aspects that you have to think about when you’re taking pictures, like rule of thirds and power points,” said Tolliday. “I’ve also learned how to use a film camera, which is really unique.” These skilled photographers started off their high school careers making pinhole cameras, and then working with film cameras before working with digital cameras their junior and senior years.

Senior Marc Mitchell also took Independent Art with Mr. Dorman this year, after being introduced to higher-level photography in middle school. “With my work, I like to capture the audience’s eyes with popping colors,” said Mitchell. “I like to find a scene that looks stunning to me, and compose it in a way you can see all the beauty.” Mitchell has included a new technique in his montage of taking a picture, splicing it, then putting it back together to create something more intricate, which he learned from famous painter and photographer David Hockney.

The students who take Advanced Studio and Independent Art are ones who really have a passion for the arts and wish to express their interests in art rather than through words. “I decided to take Advanced Studio because I wanted to continue to pursue art in a more challenging class,” said senior Kate Snyder. “My work is generally about human connection and just people in general.” People are probably the most familiar with Kate’s artwork on the Spirit Week banners, since she has played an integral part in the Class of 2018’s series of impressive banners. To see more of Kate’s artwork and that of the rest of the seniors, visit to the Fine Arts Center this week where seniors have assembled their final portfolios for all to enjoy.