Students Can Exempt AP Exams with 92 or Above

Juniors Meritt Ann Glass and Alondra Juarez first read the email that students can exempt the AP exams. Photo: Sydnie Jiang

With the end of the school year approaching, AP classes are starting to pick up the pace as teachers try to finish teaching all of the material that could be on the exam. However, this year, Pace is implementing a new rule that allows students with a 92 or higher in an AP class to skip the AP exam in May.

“I think this new policy is really good,” said senior Ethan Much. “I think knowing that there’s a possibility to exempt an AP exam if my grade is high enough is really an incentive for me to work hard.” Seniors, especially, are known for slacking off towards the second half of spring semester, and this new policy can motivate seniors to start working hard again. “We implemented this policy mostly for the seniors,” said Head of Upper School Michael Gannon. “It’s hard to stop them from slacking off, but we think this is a step in the right direction.”

Since students in AP classes are already allowed to exempt regular school exams with certain grades, it makes sense that these grades can also allow students to be excused from AP exams. However, there is still an option to take the AP exams if students are striving to receive the credit for exempting college classes. “It’s hard to do something well when you don’t really want to do it,” said junior Caelan Corbally. “I think with this new rule, the people who do take the AP exams are going to get better scores than before.”

For those who also take non-AP classes, exempting from AP exams will reduce the usual end-of-year stress. There is already pressure on underclassmen and juniors to maintain their grade point average for college, and now with this new policy, students don’t have to worry about AP exams so they can focus on their regular exams.

AP classes won’t be taught any differently and they will still follow the schedule as if all students were taking the exam. This way, students won’t be behind in college and they can still learn the appropriate material without having to feel the stress that AP exams bring.