Student Council Outlaws Jeans

Mr. Whyte and Gillian formally agree about the new rule. Photo: Jill Rawls

During the Pace Academy Student Council’s most recent meeting, faculty adviser Tim Hornor proposed an idea that all of the students jumped on board with immediately. The Student Council members unanimously agreed to propose a new rule for the handbook beginning with the 2018-2019 school year that will prohibit Upper School students from wearing jeans on a daily basis. “The students shouldn’t worry, though,” said junior class president Gillian Weitzner. “They will still be able to wear jeans every Friday, which will be a really big treat.” On Monday through Thursday, boys will have to wear khaki shorts or pants, and girls will have to wear skirts, dresses or slacks.

Dean of Students Gus Whyte was thrilled to hear about the proposal and approved it immediately. “I know wearing jeans is comfortable, but I think the change in dress code will create more alert students and a better learning environment altogether,” said Mr. Whyte. “We are a college prep school, and this will help us act more like one.”

While many boys are accustomed to wearing khakis more often than jeans anyway, a number of girls have complained. “This really isn’t fair,” said freshman Ashley Myers. “I have really long legs, so I know I will get a demerit for pretty much any skirt I wear. This new rule is really a disadvantage for lanky people.”

Angry emails from parents protesting having to buy new clothing for their children overwhelmed the Student Council. They decided to team up with the Parents Club to arrange funding for each student to buy a new pair of slacks. Along with this resource, they have announced their plan to publish a list by late July of the best online stores to buy simple slacks. “The parents have quieted down about the matter, but I receive tons of emails from apoplectic students every day,” said Weitzner. “At this point, there is really nothing I can do about it. The students just need to get over it!”

History teacher Helen Smith was sure to clear up any confusion regarding the new rule. “Girls, let me be clear about one thing,” she said. “Just because you can’t wear jeans DOES NOT mean you can wear leggings.”