Pace To Lose a Legend

Dr. DuPree loves to golf, and plans to make routine trips to the course in retirement. Photo: Zachary Howard

“With my kids growing up and me getting older, I have decided that it would be best if this school year is my last teaching.” Those words hit Pace Academy students like a sucker punch. Esteemed and beloved English teacher Dr. Don DuPree will retire at the end of this year.

The moment students begin to talk about Pace Academy’s Upper School, Dr. DuPree’s name always comes up. Whether it is his lively attitude, his mannerisms or the quirky things he says, he simply brings something to the classroom that no other teacher can provide. Unfortunately, his 17-year tenure at Pace will be coming to a close.

The Academy’s love for ‘Doc’ includes faculty admirers as well as students. “Dr. DuPree was here when I came to Pace and welcomed me with open arms,” said Upper School Head Michael Gannon. “Every year, I always hear nothing but good things about him. Almost all the students who have success in writing, whether it be in AP English or later in college, always give credit to Doc for teaching them to write. He is a great teacher and a great man who is loved by all. Pace will not be the same without him.”

English Department Chair Marsha Durlin had similar praise for our favorite Doctor. “Dr. DuPree livens up a classroom in a way that, from the view of a teacher, is really special,” she said. “He has a way of keeping the kids engaged and ready to learn. He is a character, and that character reveals itself through his teaching methods. He’s a kid at heart, and you see it every day in his class.”

Although Doc will be missed dearly, he looks forward to using his new free time to explore other passions. “Golf has always been a hobby of mine, and I plan to pursue it more in retirement,” says Dr. DuPree. “If you ever need any English help, you can find me on the course!”