Every Day To Be an X-Day Next Year

The current schedule allows for a 20-minute break, whereas the new X-day schedule will only give students a 10-minute break. Photo: Eden Kerker

Pace Academy currently has an eight-day rotating schedule. The rotation allows for only six out of eight classes to meet each day, limiting the homework load each night as not all classes meet. Each day begins with an 80-minute period that allows teachers time for longer lectures, labs or learning activities.

However, starting this upcoming fall, every day will be an X-day to allow for class continuity in each subject. “When you drop a class, many students forget the material they have recently learned,” said physics teacher Brianna Korb. “It’s hard for the teachers because after the class drops, it’s like the next class we are just playing catch up. We all lose valuable time by dropping classes.”

Since all eight classes will meet each day, there will no longer be an 80-minute period. “I’m so happy about that,” said junior Emily Pulver. “I despise 80-minute periods. They are too long and I just start zoning out. It’s really hard to just sit still in class for a whole 80 minutes.”

The current rotating schedule doesn’t allow for all classes to meet each day, which means teachers lose valuable class time. “Think about the AP classes,” said history teacher Helen Smith. “With an X-day schedule, classes would meet more, thus more material can be taught. This could definitely relieve students of stress because having more classes would slow down the pace of the class.” This could also reduce the homework load as there is more class time to get work done.

“Although many people believe that X-days can be exhausting, it’s only because it disrupts our regular routine,” said senior Katie Brown. “I honestly believe that if X-days become our regular routine, then all the students will get used to it and be fine.”

X-days will also help students by always having two frees each day. “Every Day Five I drop both my frees,” said freshman Mary Childs Hall. “It really [stinks] because I’m forced to do all my homework at home and sometimes that can take me all night. I can get up to an hour a night of homework for each class, plus I have a busy schedule after school already. Having all X-days will really help me out.”