Junior Sophia Lochan was angry when she heard the news about having to come to school on what was previously a holiday. Photo: Blair Myers

With the abundance of missed school days in the 2017-2018 school year, Head of School Fred Assaf has decided to have school on Good Friday/Passover on March 30 and Easter Monday on April 2, days previously scheduled as holidays. Of course, if students have made prior plans for the holiday, they can get a planned absence form signed to be excused, but they run the risk of being put into study hall. “Due to the snow days and days we missed for hurricane Irma, we have taken off too many days this school year,” said Mr. Assaf.

While Mr. Assaf recognizes that these are family holidays, he strongly believes that learning comes first. If the school does not take back these two days, students in AP classes will be behind and they won’t learn everything they need to cover for their AP exams in May. In addition, the teachers have designed their courses to have a certain number of classes during the year. “I really love to have as much time with my students as I possibly can,” said history teacher Christine Carter. “We also really need this time to prepare for the AP. I was so excited to hear that we are now having school on those days.”

Still, Mr. Assaf does not want students to miss out on Easter and Passover traditions. Although Pace is not religiously affiliated, the cafeteria will be Easter themed on Easter Monday and will be serving Matzo so that all students feel that they still have a chance to celebrate their holiday. Students can expect bunny cupcakes made by the cafeteria staff, as well an Easter egg hunt on the Upper Field.

The Easter egg hunt will be during break, and anyone is welcome to participate. “There will be one golden egg, and it will contain a year of unlimited snack bar money,” said Upper School Head Michael Gannon. Other eggs will contain several types of candy and passes for sleep-in days.

While Easter Monday will be a regular schedule, Good Friday/Passover will be an X-day. “We really feel that March 30 should be an X-day because students need a chance to meet with all their teachers,” said Mr. Gannon.